The Shanghai business circle love the search results page of personal.

The keywords


felt nearly a week did not pay attention to the key words of the business. It is too busy because there is no time for electric business watering their Sina blog. This day in Shanghai, there are nearly 7 be startled at, independent domain name string to love Shanghai home. According to my usual thinking, if there is a keyword advertising auction, or the first few pages ranking domain names appear more, then the key words more or less have a certain value degree and the degree of business competition. read more

The real case analysis site drop right after 3 weeks

In 4,

insisted on

2, right down: site home page ranking does not see, no brand can not find the words, snapshots and included normal.

3, down the right reasons: website on June revision, no data is submitted; after collecting a large number of non professional articles (included the existence of a large number of 404 pages); after a day in August to take over the accurate estimation of the situation, without good planning, directly delete collection articles, a lot of modification of the title and description of the website. read more

Don’t understand love Shanghai chain storm in the end what was due

for the three argument above, more and more people tend to adjust the algorithm, and do not understand here don’t want to say which one view, here don’t understand just want to talk about their own views, I remember a few months ago, the station group was also cited the love run amuck, Shanghai times of artificial intervention treatment station group brings to the search engine threat, imagine, when a bomb around you, what you want to do most? Of course is not to feel at ease to watch the game, but the first global MM, thinking about how to get rid of a dangerous bomb, bomb stations around Shanghai is love in the run, dominate after ushered in Shanghai is bound to love down, do not understand their observations in several areas, and it is true, just a few days ago, the field is almost occupied the entire home station group, Just don’t understand that the chain Kuangxiang after several words at the same time, the field of inquiry, found that home has been restored past Qingming, instead of occupying the home of a group of stations in the garbage station. read more

2011 Taobao off the formal operation group need to pay attention to three points

The construction of

three, strong inside chain can say: Shanghai after much more emphasis on the chain construction, because the love of Shanghai much more emphasis on the user experience, although the station group cheating tactics greatly disappointed love Shanghai. Before the car for reference, so we operate station construction group in the chain which we need some skills: using the content page one: station group in the article page link to each other in order to be able to let the spider climb to a different page weight, actually point to the home page constantly improve, is the weight of the contents the page also has a good ranking. The key link: the premise of our website relevant to the content in order to make our key chain. read more

n 2016 the enterprise website optimization we need to understand the following questions

second, using the self media platform to strengthen the enterprise publicity window. 2016 Internet marketing as the Internet marketing field All flowers bloom together., a darling of the media operations in 2016 is bound to have an explosive growth, then, as an enterprise how to use our platform from the media continue to strengthen the competitiveness of the brand itself? The author thinks that the first step we should establish self media marketing platform belongs to the enterprise, then by strengthening the publicity from the media platform on their own and get a lot of loyal fans, the audience we can through the WeChat scan code to send gifts, Internet marketing to promote media accounts from us, only the continuous accumulation of high-quality fans is our self media marketing is the first step, the enterprise culture, brand image, and customer value the combination of the content creation process, the real let the media become closer between the client and the company again Do a good bridge. read more

Keywords layout is still under consideration These independent factors can also help you have a good


geometry, number of keywords layout is reasonable, is a member of Shanghai Longfeng practitioners every day about the reality, but the Hefei talent network Xiaobian that website optimization not only through the keywords to achieve, although keywords accounted for in the optimization of the proportion is large, but not other factors can help the site has good rankings? Of course not.

no matter how the site targeted groups, with the substantial contents of the website will be recognized by Internet users to search engine recognition. So in the case of not considering the keywords, the update of the original is the first condition, have unique value is very important, because many users value is the deciding factor in the choice of your read more

Analysis of what information grab included pictures from Shanghai love love Shanghai photo filter

The color distribution of the whole picture data

in image search results on the left, a list of screening options. The first is the picture size, love Shanghai also provided according to the preset precise size of the picture retrieval. This shows that the exact size data included in the Shanghai love image would capture and record images.


love Shanghai offers to screen images according to the characteristics of color screen, currently supports 12 colors. Through this function, we can infer that love Shanghai when included pictures, according to a certain color in the whole picture in the proportion of the threshold, the pictures in the 12 color classification, and according to the establishment of a search for users to accurately screen. read more

A few notes Links exchange

4. to rival sites to find Links. Look at the other site Links, and then look at each other Links the Links. This way is quick.


1. high weight. Although the weight value of the web site is through the third party monitoring platform out, but we are in use, the authority is also good. The high score weights can be understood as the search engine on your web site, of course, the higher the better.

three. Links exchange notes

The frequency of updates

included 2. The more the number of sites included, indicating the site recognized by search engines the content is more, if the content of a web site has one thousand pages, but is included in the search engine content is only one hundred or two hundred, so this website does not belong to quality Links. read more

Analysis analysis of Shanghai love website Webmaster Tools

this one is necessary to understand the system, and love Shanghai statistics are related, the user through what keyword search to your website will love Shanghai recorded one by one, and then put these into their love hicool up inside, so that some of the data of love friends may wish to try this.

page optimization

Oh! Love Shanghai Oh!

fell in love with the sea to index the amount collected is love Shanghai, we can see on the website we love Shanghai included all the information and the total number included in the background, some friends may ask why the number of love sea index above included number and check the webmaster tools aren’t the same? In fact don’t fall in love with the sea volume index doubt refers to the number of love Shanghai included, while the number of webmaster tools or site mode detection is the number of love Shanghai put out the article, this is their biggest difference, love Shanghai included your article but not necessarily put him out. read more

Group purchase site in the station optimization and stood outside optimization

website, in the description of information, keywords is not necessary and too much, here is mainly to introduce the group purchase website, the website is to let customers know about the things inside, know what is the site to buy, that can be written as: love group is a credit group purchase website, is the Ji’nan area professional group purchase website.

a large number of external links, can send the weight of relatively high site, of course, to the original, the link in the blog, there is exchange links, and related industry website > read more

2014 Shanghai dragon we are forced to upgrade or automatic switch

is search engine along with new period network environment and Shanghai Longfeng speculation are widely spread, enhance and improve its search technology and ranking mechanism no ground for blame. After all, the new era of high-speed expansion based on large data networks, search engine retrieval mechanism need more intelligent and fair, in order to ensure its high recognition and user search results of search engine. After some grassroots Shanghai dragon Er, just rely on tips and ways to get over "speculation" technology ranking gone for ever, for those who only have shallow knowledge network Shanghai Longfeng staff development space is narrow, will gradually lose their jobs, eventually facing to the risk. In fact, any one industry are the survival of the fittest, and the inferior edge of the Shanghai Dragon technology personnel will get a broader space for development. read more

Artificial intelligence A and optimization of future changes in Shanghai Dragon

, join a new company immediately die. Some Shanghai dragon in the original company is doing well, but to a new company, started to work, the original flow of the site should be optimized to be K out of his. One important point is that Shanghai dragon entry did not understand before the update frequency of the company’s Web site, suddenly the day according to the update frequency of at least one article began to update, update frequency mutation data touch anti cheat system, leading up to the critical point threshold, be punished; read more

From the data analysis to improve the conversion rate of wedding photography website

data from the statistical chart can clearly see that love and know Shanghai forum can bring some actual flow, which is the extension of the results and answer promotion forum. Compared to the love sea flow is small, but each forum is soft, carefully planned, can play a good role of brand promotion, then can strengthen this work properly. For this kind of wedding photography service nature of the industry, the brand’s influence can not be ignored.

PV directly reflects the user experience of the website, the website can be seen from the figure 10 in the morning and 3 p.m. there are two peaks, is the time to work, can explain the views of each customer site or can. But there is room for improvement, such as increasing the forum " read more

A5 optimization team tell you special maintenance station

3. based on Web log analysis spiders crawl rules, then according to the crawling preferences to adjust the unreasonable structure of the site, but also should stand in the user’s point of view, what kind of website structure is convenient for the user’s reading habits.

1. website daily updates to the core keywords around the site of the content, can be derived from, blog, forum, search love Shanghai and some quiz platform user questions, if the site weight is relatively high to write some a little hot point to write, which is related to search low occurrences of the word love sea is the best choice, but if it is new, it is from the long tail keywords of competition to write some small, slightly points of words, which also can improve the weight of the site itself, such as web site a little weight with the flow again to do those big words. read more

Eight may affect the revision types of Shanghai Dragon

add new content blocks, should consider the correlation of new content with the overall content of the website, whether there is a need to increase.

CMS is a content management system, using the new CMS, is a big change, it will have a big impact. If you need to replace the CMS, must do a detailed analysis on the old and new CMS in Shanghai Longfeng advantages and disadvantages, and after the replacement of the CMS record, tracking analysis, attention of the influence of the website after the replacement. read more

Analysis of love and how it can help you in your Shanghai snapshot keyword

we can see the related contents in the snapshot page not only page, there are also some keywords bold, yellow background markers, these keywords we search into this is a snapshot of the key words. So what is the role of the words of these markers for us? The reason is very simple, as long as we use these words can touch clear keywords our competitors is how the layout of the page and the number of occurrences of keywords, keyword which will be good for our analysis of competitor data base.

friends grab read more

Due to recent love Shanghai K station speculation

1. love Shanghai is strong outwardly strong but inwardly weak

understand the working principle of search engine knows that search engine is one of the most consumption of storage space. Known as a "snapshot" of the search engine is downloaded to the storage space of the page. Chinese inland webmaster preferred love Shanghai search engine optimization. If you love Shanghai search engine to have a better user experience, then expand the storage space to speed its "growth rate is proportional to the overall and Chinese internet. This is the hardware on the great pressure on any search engine. Love Shanghai more powerful, it can be extended speed Internet pages and Chinese the overall growth rate of PK? In the internal company of Shanghai Longfeng technology and I discuss this issue, my colleagues have been questioned. The reason also has certain rationality, not here to introduce you to. read more

Chen Xiang Shanghai dragon heart 8868 Mobile Games trading platform text chain

is like my site every day now is the chain of some plain text, occasionally through some blogs to do some of the anchor text chain to optimize the long tail keywords, but still in charge of the pure text outside chain oh

Form the chain

pure text outside the chain is a result of long-term accumulation in a very large number, will bring great effect to the site optimization, so the optimization effect of pure text of the chain is not stable, because the chain of a sudden increase or decrease suddenly, causing the site weight is not stable, because the number of pure text outside the chain, a large number of the chain, so occasionally appear on a site inside suddenly disappeared, when a sudden increase, because the base, so the overall impact is small, it will not cause website ranking change radically! > text construction difficulty is low, easy to realize the diversification and scale of many sites supports text, such as forums posted, classified information network and a variety of blog, pure text outside the chain is often easy to pass, so every building dozens of hundreds of pure text outside the chain is very easy, and a lot of pure text support the chain is of high quality, so it is easy to realize the diversification and high quality and large scale construction of pure text outside the chain! And every day the number of construction more, it will not cause love Shanghai search engine antipathy, don’t think you’re cheating, because cheating methods are generally used in hypertext and the anchor text, love Shanghai source of the two link is very sensitive to the read more

Love Shanghai grab pure text links Lee said Shanghai Longfeng chain construction rules

because the user cannot enter the text point to the URL address of the page by clicking directly, can be directly used for the reverse link in the definition of "target document (web page)" reverse link function, so it has been the role of Shanghai dragon ER Shanghai Longfeng plain text URL address is generally not optimistic about.

love Shanghai search engineer Lee text URL site to answer questions

but there is no denying that this text URL address a specific page effectively increases the exposure rate, there must be user access to specific pages by copying and pasting way — as long as our content to help him. In this sense, the pure text URL address is indeed realized indirectly "point to a target document (web page)" reverse link. read more

Analysis of how to select keywords keywords and conversion rate of flow


recently found a lot of Shanghai dragon Er novice do not know your site is to do traffic or do the conversion, some website traffic up but no conversion rate, some sites are clearly to conversion rate, but do not flow, the conversion rate, conversion rate and flow to some sites, with the know your final destination, that can be two-way results included, bounce rate increase, the site is down right now Wu Xiaohua, to analyze how to choose keywords and flow conversion rate of

if your site goal is to sell products or services that will sell, conversion rate, some people think that as long as the flow up, there will be a natural conversion rate, this view is wrong, because the flow rate and conversion rate, for example, I was selling weight loss products, the key word is me to lose weight, slimming products, slimming, slimming method, best slimming products, slimming products, the most effective weight loss drug list, in these words which is easier to convert a point, it is obvious that the "best weight-loss products" and "the most effective weight loss products, there is certainly very bad some Shanghai dragon ER and flow and conversion rate of the final results, because if you do a traffic conversion rate is not up, you know your ultimate goal is how much the conversion rate, but not much traffic, so, If you choose some high conversion rate of keywords can promote product sales. When your boss asks you how much time to achieve the conversion rate or to sell many products this month, but you still do traffic, then you will not reach the goal, because you still think the flow up the conversion, and we correct method is to do more high conversion rate of words in general, enhance the turnover rate, we choose the conversion rate of the words are all need to dig the long tail keywords, then what is more the conversion rate of long tail keywords, such as "slimming products" and "the most effective weight loss products, which targeted a bit, of course is the latter, say" the most effective weight loss products and "the most effective topical slimming products" which is more conversion point? It is the latter, so we consider when choosing the keywords must know your site is in order to flow or target The conversion rate for the target, some. read more