Example analysis of college students what are the ways to make money in 2009

want to make money, there is definitely a method, the key is to see you as a webmaster, do not know how to practice and summarize the experience, of course, there is a very important, you can from the analysis of the successful experience of others in an effective way to make money, from the analysis of some examples in the following website, website to 2009 make money by what method:

(1) relies on high quality advertising revenue

so far many owners preferred to rely on advertising to bring a lot of income, the requirement to the quality of the site itself is very high, at least, three points is not the lack of flow rate, the audience’s consumption ability, product correlation, and the three complement each other, indispensable. Do these three points, you can bring high-quality customers for the site. read more

Teach you how to make money online part-time fangpian

novice to do part-time online to make money easily confused, do not know how to do, how to choose the project. According to their own free Wangzhuan Wangzhuan experience, summed up the three points, to help newcomers get anti cheat, let you Wangzhuan road detours.

first, don’t be blind.

suddenly heard online part-time to earn money, he lost his head, regardless of the consequence, registration time, without thinking and research, easy to be deceived, as if it were raining flowers advertising, for a period of time suddenly found fooled. All efforts in vain, a blow to give up the online part-time money. The results The loss outweighs the gain. That the couple met online part-time projects go to Baidu search, you can search the project name + liar, if the search engines are said to be the big liar station, the 90% above is a liar, recommended novice don’t do it. read more

Discussion on the alternative money making method of Google advertising alliance

              Hello everyone, I am looking for you in the dream, I am very happy to share something with you, or that sentence. I like to find something, but I don’t like it. This time we want to share with you is an alternative to the GG advertising alliance to make big money. Many of my friends all know, do basic way to make money in three ways: 1 is to sell products, 2, is selling services, advertising is sold 3. The GG advertising is generally the first choice of the majority of the webmaster. After all, his highest price. read more

Secret how to sell Google AD account


AD advertising, the advertising price higher than the domestic, but also a good reputation, so has been the main economic source of advertising revenue with many domestic owners, which also has a lot of cheating GG and a monthly income of tens of thousands of individual owners, (when I was in a month of cheating GG3000 knife, took more than 20 thousand yuan. Oh that is already past the Chinese Google) but since May in 08 years of Google AdSense (also known as GG account) after a substantial adjustment, not only increase the audit efforts to account for the webmaster, also strengthened the webmaster is cheating increase inspection efforts, but also to apply for the account the site should comply with the conditions were more limited. read more

Huang Zhongren talk about a few do station feelings and experiences

grassroots web site has been for many years, has not insisted on doing a decent website. Continued to buy a lot of domain name, also changed a lot of host. Google has been doing before 2008, when the madness is not in. Today, Amoy website like a chicken, let the grassroots webmaster and saw a glimmer of hope. Look at alimama billboard, those envious master income, can not help but feel a little excited. But look at people eating tofu teeth fast, their practice is another experience.

When do station read more

WeChat’s entrepreneurial journey WeChat’s eight business roles

today to Shenzhen to attend a business forum on WeChat, including some classic WeChat business case, the way back to Xiamen I thought under the arrangement, to discuss WeChat to start from the following three aspects, I hope to inspire everyone in WeChat entrepreneurial ideas.

what is the role of WeChat’s current venture


entrepreneurs should choose what direction to venture?

what are the cases now?


application platformThe concept of

light application: application of light and there is no need to download, which found that the full function App, is comparable to or even beyond the native app user experience, but also have the characteristics of intelligent distribution can be retrieved with webapp, will effectively solve the high-quality applications and services and mobile users demand docking problem. read more

What is higher, if it is true

today I come and we exchange Wangzhuan, start network and water, many people seem to understand this concept is not too.

— as the name implies, Wangzhuan is through the network to make money, is a limited time, regardless of location, not limited to a technology age can operate. It is clear that these people do not understand the true meaning of this is, they may put Wangzhuan as playing online games, chat very simple things. In fact, it is a Wangzhuan technology, a long-term continuous learning, constantly updated technology. read more

Talk about how to make use of the Taobao World Cup products around the world to make money

has not been how to share the experience, the rise of today. How to make use of the world cup. Personal opinion, for reference only.

experienced people know, whether it is a festival or event which will contain a huge business opportunities. For the seller is an opportunity for us, of course, also a good opportunity for Taobao ten. Now I only take the world cup as an example.

first of all we want to clear what products to promote the world cup, it is easy to think of the World Cup football, jerseys, theme T-shirts, there are many products related to the world cup, here is not an example. As early as last year, I began to increase the world cup surrounding products, and have a good ranking. For example, with the World Cup World Cup mascot Zakumi, badge now the search has a good ranking. Make money is certainly not enough, after thinking I wrote an article called "the 2010 South Africa World Cup theme T-shirt brand shop online shopping" article, Baidu search "2010 South Africa World Cup theme T-shirt" or "South Africa World Cup theme T-shirt" or "World Cup theme T-shirt" can be in the first or the first few page. So on the search engine and has a very good flow. At the same time, this article has been reproduced by a well-known forum administrator. read more

A food and beverage boss readme O2O flicker in the past few years

from the sale of coupons to buy, membership, and then to today’s rational marketing". A 15 years in the catering industry practitioners, in a variety of bloody lessons, that many Internet companies and cooperation "the sacred rules of the religious order". Look at his story.

I am a restaurant in the catering industry veteran, has more than 15 years, from the clerk, manager, operations, planning, marketing, until their own business, now also have small achievements. The most impressive is the Internet circle, feeling confused, it is easy to learn. Now I share my experience with you. read more

Chen Hua how to sing about traffic tips on millions of users

sing it last May 31st on the line, and now every day millions of users of the activity, the total number of users is about to break billion. Today, if I want to be able to produce a trend of explosive growth in the mobile Internet, it is hard to get. First of all, the demand for KTV is not created by singing, but in real life, it exists, and the coverage of the crowd is wide enough. But our main user is still 20 years old fashion crowd.

, that is to say, sing the lock is a range of needs of hundreds of millions of users in the market, the demand had not been satisfied. A lot of people like to sing, nothing to sing on their own, but the opportunity to go to KTV is very small. We put it on the phone, these users will naturally come. read more

Simple 4 steps to make your income doubled

Asian Union, the referral fee is a male member $0.1, female member $0.2.

details can be seen here: http://s.top.admin5.com/u

look at the amount of fat is a poor, but in fact, do not have a few people to do a lot of success, a lot of webmasters are very distressed, why I PV very high, do GG Adsense a day dozens of knives, can be linked to Asia, even ten knife is not up to.

This is actually

and customer conversion rate are closely related. For example, a steel sales commercial station, hung sub pay, you will go to the point? Even click are not registered and not to mention money. So, how to improve the conversion rate of read more

Small sites can erupt in the universe what kind of site will have a future

read an article on the blog article venture, if the time back appearances for micro-blog before the blog really can start, but over time, WeChat, micro-blog, since the media in the tide, the power of entrepreneurship blog has been greatly weakened, however, we do not deny that completely lost the significance of marketing blog in fact, in some people behind the resplendent with variegated coloration, silently use blog to promote their site, but more people love fresh hot moment, ignore the power of the blog read more

Online dating Naomeng Shouyang investment risk

The newspaper news (reporter Li Lei) was "Jiayuan" website fame "Helen of Troy", unexpectedly found that many venture capitalists have come, hope to cooperate with her. Not just from the attention of venture capitalists, dating sites have been Xianshanloushui huge business opportunities. According to the latest survey by the third party survey agency iResearch released yesterday showed that there are seven adults willing to pay for online dating.

so, the user is willing to pay much for the other half pay? According to the introduction, in as many as 70% who are willing to pay, 29.5% of users are willing to come up with a monthly 10 yuan amount, 18.8% of people are willing to come up with 10 yuan to 30 yuan, 11.1% of users are willing to pay 30 yuan to 50 yuan; 7.7% of users are willing to pay 50 yuan to 100 yuan, 2.3% more users are willing to fund the super over 100 yuan. In fact, China’s Internet dating industry has entered the development period revealed clues. As the lily network at the beginning of the establishment of 1 years has attracted nearly 5 million registered users, Jiayuan newly registered members from the original every day dozens of people to the present day five thousand. It is understood that China’s marriage as the theme of dating sites, although the initial stage, but the rapid development. Data show that in 2004 the national online marriage

read more

Baidu search promotion commodity shop who can champion ah

today, Baidu has officially launched October 28th from about a month and a half, we know in Baidu space, and other places are also see ah promotions recommended, 2 yuan purchase, purchase a weekend, ah clubs are all introduced in addition to these, wildly beating gongs and drums, I want to say is: you notice search more specific goods at Baidu, is not always being guided to the "ah"


Baidu finally began to have the goods recommended to the user, although this time from ah line is not long, for our users, ah commodity is good, worthy of trust, I would like to take a long time to prove, however, there is a problem is to take out the discussion that is, who ah shop can be routed to the first page of Baidu search read more

Mobile phone KTV grassroots style popular sing it by the wind to make the boat

sings on the surface just to move the KTV to the phone, but its core value is closely linked with the social network after the interaction model.

sing founder Chen Hua said, the trick is to sing it closely with all social networks, and then achieve viral.

sing how much fire?

casually ask a few people around you, you will find that everyone is talking about singing it; just open a micro-blog, grassroots have been crazy to upload their own songs recorded by singing. Not only that, many stars have become fans sing come in a throng. Han Hong changed the style of music, sing it with recorded more tracks. Hu Haiquan’s "love" on the line to sing it, and unyielding partner Chen Yufan sing this song recorded, even beat everyone in the country". To this end, Chen Yufan is pleased with oneself and asked Hu Haiquan, asked: "you this all in read more

POCO Content Alliance emergency notice!

  POCO Content Alliance emergency notice!

      each website:

      in order to meet the Seventeenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the POCO alliance has made some adjustments after careful and comprehensive analysis and discussion.

      decided to do the following adjustments:

      entertainment channel temporarily closed, replaced by the food channel scheduled for today’s online entertainment channel will resume visit in October 15th. In view of delicacy channel and entertainment channel content is different, there are changes in the layout of the page; please Adsense speed to the alliance alliance backstage channel set (including alliance channel, channel title, page description, keywords, and HTML code and advertising) to make the appropriate changes. read more

Team has come to the era of individual owners how to do stand earnings

is now a lot of personal webmaster have formed a small team or studio, and some previously successful stationmaster opened his own Internet Co, then some personal Adsense on the Internet and how to successfully make money, here are some easy mode for personal webmaster.

The first

; Taobao customers, I have been very valued Taobao customer, because I also do their own, but also profit, the Taobao off the way I still recommend doing mall shops, a website only do them a product, this ranking is easier to go up, as long as you do Baidu optimization. Choose the word stick, will make money, the key is that many novice could not insist, always want to do this to make money the money, have the time to spend some time doing projects as the ranking is really a little personal webmaster must recognize themselves, first understand and know oneself have much ability. I’m doing Taobao customers that many webmaster are directly open the website he jump to the promotion of the shop inside, I personally do not love it, because it is not good for the user experience, Baidu K is sooner or later, so I hope to do Taobao guest friends choose a good program, for example good blog program. read more

nvestment tide inventory Baidu Department of entrepreneurs in the past life

Baidu is a pioneer in the field of the Internet was born in the early days of the company, Baidu entrepreneurship can be roughly divided into two stages. The first stage is related to the search technology, such as the search for life love to help network, make travel search kuxun, do koowo lyrics search, video search for thunder. The second phase of entrepreneurs are involved in the field of e-commerce, but also more or less with a search gene.

, according to incomplete statistics, the founder or founding team members from the business department of Baidu company 26, covering the Internet video, online education, e-commerce, local life services, mobile Internet community, finance and other fields. Local life services, e-commerce, Internet banking is the most concentrated areas of entrepreneurs. Please refer to the following figure. read more

What kind of personal website is easy to get investment!!

the current domestic all kinds of personal web site to bloom, almost any form can be thought and creativity have been excavated on behalf of the.

but a good overview of the development of the network form, but there are more and more personal sites and sites because of the problem of funding unlimited business opportunities but powerless, many owners have a hero

useless situation.

so what kind of personal website to get venture capital, angel investment favor?

I think there should be the following:
1 positioning accuracy, subdivision industry. Don’t big and full, but big and scattered. Monograph in a field, do the first three, the best one, so the opportunity is much larger! read more