The next ten years the most profitable of the top 16 industries here cloud computing, virtual realit

Abstract: ten years ago, the world’s top 10 market capitalization is mainly concentrated in energy, finance and other traditional industries. Now, with the Internet has been high-tech enterprises occupy half of the country.

review the history of the long river, the development of the global economy has been driven by the interaction between productivity and production relations. From the invention of the steam engine, generator, computer, and then to the wide application of the Internet, the new wave of technology has dominated the adjustment of productive forces and production relations, and the emerging new industries, promoting social progress. Ten years ago, the world’s top 10 market capitalization is mainly concentrated in energy, finance and other traditional industries. Now, with the Internet has been high-tech enterprises occupy half of the country. read more

Fresh delivery O2O system a comprehensive solution to open up the nternet business!

for the O2O electricity supplier, fresh O2O last mile of the distribution link is a crucial part of its closed-loop operation, because this link to the user’s direct experience. As for fruit, fresh, FMCG O2O electricity supplier, this part is more important, if the time you can not in the most intense fruit, fresh consumer desire in service, so customers will choose next time to meet the needs of its consumer business. But now, the river science and technology has been a perfect solution to the problem of fresh fruit delivery. read more

The conditions and background of nternet Entrepreneurship how much do you know

public business era, everyone said "Internet plus entrepreneurship", how many know the background of mature environment can be the hardships behind you and project. In a busy occasion, the author Xin Dongfang round write about Internet entrepreneurship project background, and the Internet venture support plan, and financing problem, is the Internet venture Internet business project risk analysis report.

the Internet is like an engine, there are a variety of entrepreneurial projects on its platform, less than one person to operate the Internet business projects, hundreds of people operate. The starting point is always good, but unrealistic entrepreneurial projects, after the funds have been burned, may face a difficult position. read more

Behind the hot car networking, which spawned entrepreneurial opportunities

Abstract: with the vigorous development of science and technology in the automotive industry today, the Internet has gradually entered our lives. When the car and the Internet of things will be combined, how to wipe out the spark? Let us follow Jasper founder and CEO Jahangir Mohammed together to see.

Today, with the rapid development of science and technology in the automotive industry,

has gradually entered our lives. When the car and the Internet of things will be combined, how to wipe out the spark? Let us follow the Jasper founder and CEO Jahangir Mohammed together to see this kind of spark". read more

Behind the tide of college students to allow more rational failure

In September 24,

(Wang Yifei Gao Yi) Aman Chang, started at the age of 16, today has "Chinese WeChat SCRM marketing Godfather" title, the "fish" project to obtain A round of financing, single day orders 10000. Chen Kai, 27 years old, to create "bayear cat finance" from the grassroots investment after the completion of ten million A round of financing the initial line. Tong Yuanpeng, graduating class 2015, is currently creating flowers custom O2O platform, had also tried alcohol e-commerce, online English training platform and other projects…… read more

Pea pod Wang Junyu entrepreneurial light to do young mans reading platform

Wang Junyu led some pea pods core team staff to do a new media project.

pea pod founder Wang Junyu. Source: Vision China

People familiar with the

application download pea pods, the application distribution, in July this year, Ali wholly acquired mobile, although did not disclose the specific amount of the acquisition, but that the pea pods CEO Wang Junyu in an open letter said, this is the initiative to seek Ali was a result of the acquisition, "we believe this can lead to better application the distribution business in the future, it can scale to a higher level." After the distribution of Ali and other application distribution platform into the application, the whereabouts of Wang Junyu became the focus of media attention. read more

Dongsheng 0 how to start the cost of business

the success of entrepreneurship in the face of the real probability of success is very low. More than 80% new companies, within the next three years will have to pay off appearances. Entrepreneurs have to carefully consider the direction of the external environment from the analysis of entrepreneurial opportunities, and then consider the integration of resources, create conditions, seize the opportunity!

want to start a lot of people, regardless of age, education or experience, Ann Dongsheng that can be roughly divided into three ethnic groups. read more

Expert this island trademark registration, enhance the brand value of 100 times

brand is a kind of evaluation and cognition of an enterprise and its products, service and cultural value. When the brand culture is recognized and accepted by the market, the brand has its market value. Of course, the brand also needs a full range of protection, then how to enhance the value of the brand, to protect the brand?

brand requires basic protection, extended protection

to do a good job of brand, first of all to protect the brand, to strengthen the awareness of brand protection. read more

7 strokes make breast care effectively relieve breast pain female health network

girl’s first breast pain, generally occurs at the age of 9~13, then the girl’s breast development, there will be a slight pain. After menarche, with breast maturation, the pain will go away. So in addition, what will affect female breast pain? Clinically, we can be summarized as follows:

Premenstrual breast pain:

there are many women in the pre menstrual breast fullness, stiff, the phenomenon of severe breast tenderness; affected by a slight vibration or impact will be uncomfortable pain. This is due to the increase in estrogen levels in the body, breast hyperplasia, breast tissue edema caused by. After menstruation, the above changes may be lost. read more

Patients with advanced breast conserving surgery is not suitable for ‘s health network

Lo eager to keep the characteristic of the female, in the understanding of the various types of surgery, she asked the doctor for her breast conserving surgery strongly, "can not be guaranteed if the milk, I prefer not to do surgery".

has a lot of contraindications to breast conserving surgery, breast cancer patients should be carefully chosen.

The First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical College

professional team, breast surgery, breast conserving surgery director Zheng Wenbo said, in 70s, has now become the world especially breast cancer surgical treatment in major Western countries. In our country, people pay more and more attention to the quality of life, and breast conserving surgery is also the first choice for more and more patients with breast cancer. However, breast conserving surgery for early and mid patients, in addition to many contraindications. In the final analysis, the sooner the cancer is discovered, the more likely it is to be active in breast cancer treatment. read more

Breast cancer patients with moderate sex helps rehabilitation health network

China’s breast cancer patients compared with Europe and the United States, the incidence of younger age. Teens and twenty, thirty of these age had more breast cancer. Before the elderly women with breast cancer, after surgery only want to save life, not too concerned about sexual life. But now that the patient is getting younger and younger, and the survival rate of breast cancer is higher and higher, how can the patient maintain the normal sex life while keeping the milk? Reporters interviewed the experts. read more

Zimo found 4 breast breast injury risks ‘s health network

[introduction] a TV station in Hongkong had made a show about the woman chest, hostess Pauline Lan in the program on the spot please family doctor for examination of the chest is not to increase the ratings and staged a gimmick, but hope that women can pay attention to their own breast, regular inspection, early detection and early treatment.

In fact, most women have

fiber cyst, but often is because a lot of people know the cyst is a common problem, so even feel cyst also less attention, but the fiber cyst has benign, malignant, is also very easy to be confused with mastitis, breast cancer, plus, because common see more slowly, it will turn a blind eye, so that is not a negligible fiber cyst situation, take care of yourself, you should have the courage to face their problems, not because of shyness and fear. read more

Don’t let me lose weight! ‘s health network

good news and bad news, which one do you want to hear the good news?? good! Is not necessarily the first chest thin down Oh! Bad news chest fat will become less! But you may be stronger than before elastic chest


fat after breast will "shrink" this is 100% correct, strictly speaking the "shrink" amount is 25%. This is because we are 1/4 chest fat occupy, during the process, the body fat will be slowly consumed, our delicate chest is no exception. But the first to lean on the argument is not credible, because the order of the number of parts and how much is not to our will, and other parts of our body will be reduced with the consumption of fat. read more

Women’s health the first killer is not terrible ‘s health network

how to reduce the risk of breast cancer in daily life?

is a precursor to breast cancer,

painless lumps need to pay attention to, but the overall health of the breast is not only the case, whether the symmetry of the chest, the skin of the breast is related to the health of this.

Breast cancer risk was higher in women with

breastfeeding history.

postmenopausal supplement

breast self-examination?

1, women over the age of 18, monthly breast self-examination 1 times.

When is the best time for read more

A woman must know the breast surgery _39 _ women health network maintenance


adhere to the breast massage, can promote the development of the breast; can take a bath every day before going to bed or breast massage.


if you are 20 years old – contribute to breast fitness development

every day usually do manual operation, chest, chest, also can do push ups, pull ups or dumbbell workouts, spring movement, to exercise chest muscle developed, thus contributing to increased breast hypertrophy.

the timely use of breast device, the correct method is very important; a device is the use of negative attraction, and promote breast fullness, so the negative attraction is not too large, but can not act with undue haste. read more

Smelly woman eating durian flavor at _39 _ women Samick Health Network

women eat durian three benefits of

durian can improve abdominal cold, promote increased body temperature, is the ideal tonic Jiapin cold constitution of the. With the durian shell and bones together with the soup to drink, has been the traditional folk prescription diet to treat various body cold symptoms.

39 Health Network reminder: Durian nutritional value is good, but can not eat too much time, otherwise it will cause the body heat of fire, mouth sores. If you have friends do not get angry, drink herbal tea to reduce pathogenic fire, nutritional value loss of durian. Can choose the "Queen of fruits" to eat mangosteen mangosteen antipyretic, both under fire and will not affect the nutrient absorption of durian. In addition, the durian with high sugar content, not suitable for patients with diabetes to eat durian, otherwise easily lead to elevated blood sugar, aggravating illness. read more

Mother adolescent girls to know _39 breast health net _ women

adolescent girls to develop the habit of taking a bath, pay attention to breast health and health. Bra should choose soft, breathable cotton products, must be removed before going to sleep bra. It should be noted that the breast skin is very delicate, feeling itchy when not by hand scratching. If the itching is serious, and skin redness, pain and rash, should be timely to the regular hospital for treatment, can not be indiscriminate use of ointment smear.

tall breasts are smaller than their peers read more

How to prevent breast sagging birth mother cup _39 health network _ women

3, the role of gravity, but also cause sagging breasts. The beautiful curve sagging breast hinder mummy form, more serious is that people have a sense of inferiority, affect people’s mental health. On both sides of the breast folds also prone to erosion or suffering from eczema, and therefore the need for careful breast care, so as to restore upright posture.

1, the breast is composed of fat and glands, in lactation, the glands and connective tissue hyperplasia of the breast to increase the breast, lactation, gland atrophy, small breasts. read more

Uncover the mystery of female breast health net _39 _ women

don’t worry. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and prevention in the United States nearly 10 thousand between 35 and 64 years old often women on the pill for follow-up study, a solemn statement, even if long-term use of contraceptive drugs, will not increase the risk of breast cancer in women.


Cancer: what are the early symptoms of breast cancer,

Discharge: breast is often found with secretions

Asymmetry: I don’t look exactly the same on both sides of my breasts,


Exercise: sports can reduce the risk of breast cancer in women by 40%. read more

Breast revealed personality characteristics! Breast small female love coffee _39 _ women’s health ne

6 breast augmentation surgery is more vulnerable to depression. Women who undergo breast implants are three times more likely to commit suicide, according to a study published in the Journal of plastic surgery. The researchers analyzed the psychological problems of women who had breast implants in advance of suicidal behavior.

3 breast high IQ women. Researchers at the University of Chicago found that women with larger breasts scored an average of 10 points higher on IQ tests than other women. The researchers say it has to do with sex hormones, which determine the size of the breast. In addition, from the point of view of natural selection, men with higher IQ are more likely to choose a larger chest of women as partners, to ensure that the offspring inherit genetic advantage. read more