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Giant Pumpkins

first_imgPumpkins are a staple of the fall season. Some people like pumpkins baked in pie, and some like them carved and lit up on their front porches for Halloween. Georgia 4-H’ers, on the other hand, like them to weigh hundreds of pounds. Each year, Georgia 4-H holds a pumpkin-growing contest where student members have the opportunity to put their green thumb to the test and grow a pumpkin that will outweigh the rest. Jessie Holbrook of Union County, who submitted a pumpkin weighing 644 pounds, took first place in the pumpkin-growing contest this year. Lauren Wheeler of Laurens County won second place with a 511-pound pumpkin, and Reagan Covington of Union County placed third with a pumpkin weighing 479 pounds. The top three 4-H’ers will receive a cash prize from the Georgia Fruit and Vegetable Growers Association to celebrate their hard work. Other noteworthy pumpkin growers include:Morgan Peney of Union County,  whose 463-pound pumpkin came in fourth placeAliceyn Covington of Union County, whose 340-pound pumpkin came in fifth placeJordan Pandolph of Union County, whose 307-pound pumpkin came in sixth placeGrayson Collins of Union County, whose 199-pound pumpkin came in seventh placeMaggie Payne of Union County, whose 171-pound pumpkin came in eighth placeLane Anderson of Lumpkin County, whose 165-pound pumpkin came in ninth placeDrew Grimes of Tift County, whose 155-pound pumpkin came in tenth placeGeorgia 4-H Program Specialist Michael Rabalais, who organizes the 4-H pumpkin-growing contest as well as the summer watermelon-growing contest, said that the competitions sharpen participants’ gardening skills and give them a feeling of accomplishment.“I love the pumpkin-growing contest because I think it teaches our youth a lot of really valuable skills. It’s hard to raise a pumpkin as big as some of the ones our 4-H’ers submit, and to do so requires a huge amount of patience, dedication and responsibility, so getting to celebrate those traits is really exciting,” Rabalais said. “I’m so glad 4-H’ers respond so well to the competition, and I hope I get to see even bigger pumpkins next year.”For more information about the Georgia 4-H Pumpkin Growing Contest, contact the Georgia 4-H agent in your county by calling 1-800-ASK-UGA1.last_img read more

Father of Free Software Gives Conference in Ecuador

first_imgBy Dialogo June 11, 2009 Quito, 9 Jun (EFE). – Richard Stallman, considered the father of the free software movement, will visit Ecuador this Monday, and will give a conference in Quito. The lecture will deal with the “Free Software Movement and GNU/LINUX Operating System,” and will be given in the Army Polytechnic Institute (ESPE), according to the Ecuadorian Presidency on its web site. Stallman presented the GNU operating system back in 1984 “as a way to break through barriers. This allows access to technology without commercial or economic interruptions, thus contributing to social development,” explains the article. His main achievements as a software developer include the text editor Emacs, the GCC compiler, and the GDB debugger under the GNU Project. Stallman also invented the concept of Copyleft, a type of software license which ensures that the application will remain free for ever and its use and further evolution can continue to benefit the community. Among other proposals, he wants to eliminate the expression “intellectual property” from the definitions of royalties, patents, and brands. He states that this term, as its concept indicates, benefits big business and “confuses” society. Stallman’s visit was organized by the ESPE, the University of the Americas (UDLA), and the Ecuadorian Association of Free Software (ASLE).last_img read more

Mixed bag: Millennials are lax on security but big on mobile payments

first_img 31SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr Having grown up with technology, Millennials should arguably be the demographic most aware of the need to protect their personal information on desktops and mobile devices. However, TransUnion, one of the nation’s major credit reporting agencies, found this is not the case. In fact, TransUnion concluded Millennials are at a significantly higher risk for identity theft than older generations.At the heart of Millennials’ increased risk of identity theft is their often careless use of technology. TransUnion found 86 percent of Millennials save bank account details on their smartphones. In addition, 84 percent of Millennials surveyed admitted to using public Wi-Fi to perform online banking transactions or check accounts with sensitive financial information. Interestingly, despite their seemingly relaxed approach to cybersecurity, 49 percent of Millennials say they are worried about identity theft.By comparison, 36 percent of Baby Boomers cited cybercrime as a concern, and 50 percent store sensitive financial information on their devices. What’s more, 54 percent of Baby Boomers access their bank accounts via public Wi-Fi. continue reading »last_img read more

CFPB provides e-sign consent relief for credit card issuers

first_img continue reading » In a statement released on June 3, the CFPB provided guidance for credit card issuers regarding electronic disclosures. In light of the current pandemic, increased call volumes and possible staffing constraints, the CFPB granted relief from the E-SIGN Act’s consent requirements for certain credit card disclosures. Albeit narrow and a bit delayed, the relief can still be helpful for credit unions.Both the E-SIGN Act and Regulation Z require credit unions to obtain a member’s consent before it may provide most credit card disclosures electronically. The E-SIGN Act requires a member to either consent electronically or confirm consent electronically so verbal consent is not sufficient to provide electronic disclosures. The CFPB acknowledged the challenges this may pose for members calling to open new cards or request different terms when credit unions are dealing with already high call volumes. If a member cannot access their computer or other electronic device during the call, helping the member with a request or transaction may require a second call along with a second wait in the call queue after the member has had the opportunity to provide proper consent to receive electronic disclosures.To help mitigate this issue, the statement indicates the CFPB will take a “flexible supervisory and enforcement approach during this pandemic” for credit unions wishing to provide certain disclosures electronically. The covered disclosures are: account opening disclosures under section 1026.6, temporary APR or fee reductions on existing accounts under sections 1026.9(c)(2)(v)(B)(i) and 1026.55(b)(1) and those related to balance transfers. The applicability of the statement is limited specifically to these disclosures. Periodic statement disclosures are notably absent from this list, so the flexibility discussed below would not apply to credit card statements. ShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblrlast_img read more

‘It couldn’t have come at a worse time:’ dairy farmers hit with COVID-19 surcharge

first_img“It was… quite a surprise, because it was a substantial amount taken out. Dairy farmers cannot afford anymore deductions taken out of a milk check,” said Pavelski. “It couldn’t have come at a worse time for dairy farmers.” The national average price of milk in 2019 was $3.45 per gallon for conventional whole milk, compared to $3.27 in 2018, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. (WBNG) — Dairy farmers across the Southern Tier have been seeing a big deduction on their milk checks from large organizations on top of all the other expenses they have to pay. “Basically when you do go to the mailbox, you might have $2.90 taken off your milk check, so if it’s $18 dollar [per hundredweight], you might be down $14 and right now milk is $11 [per hundredweight] and with the COVID-19 deduction, it brings it down to $9.30 [per hundredweight], which is just unreal,” said Pavelski. Derek Pavelski owns Pavelski Farms in Conklin. He says he didn’t expect to see that deduction and was devastated the moment he noticed it on his letter. 12 News reached out to Dairy Farmers of America. It is unclear at this time how much prices of dairy products, especially milk, would change due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, one employee at the organization did confirm that COVID-19 deduction on dairy farmers checks was a one-time deal to help cover costs. He says originally he’d get a decent amount per hundredweight of milk that he produced. Now, many farmers who rely on organizations like National Farmers and Dairy Farmers of America, saw a big COVID-19 deduction on their milk checks. Some reported more than a thousand dollars off their total. Dairy farmers were expected to see a better year in 2020 with milk prices expected to rise, but the pandemic got in the way of all that with a lower demand for the product.last_img read more

COVID-19: Mosques defy ulema council appeal to suspend Friday prayer

first_imgThe Jami’ Ar-Rahmah mosque located in East Tebet subdistrict in Tebet, South Jakarta, insisted on gathering dozens of local residents for Friday prayer, even though the subdistrict had one confirmed case COVID-19.Friday prayer is obligatory for Muslim men in place of zuhur (daily midday prayer). It is also accompanied by a mandatory sermon that can last up to 45 minutes.The mosque also went against an Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) fatwa issued on Monday that called on Muslims to pray at home and avoid congregating in areas where COVID-19 had spread “uncontrollably”, including skipping “Friday prayers in those areas until the situation returns to normal”.  Tribunnews.com reported on locals and authorities from Lampung, Bangka Belitung and Riau provinces choosing to disinfect their mosques and conducting the weekly prayer. The Great Mosque of Palembang in South Sumatra even gave out pamphlets containing information about COVID-19 to attendees.Indonesia has reported 369 positive COVID-19 cases with 32 fatalities as of Friday.Al Azhar Mosque in South Jakarta also went ahead with the weekly event.Some mosques have chosen to heed the MUI’s warning and canceled Friday prayer, including prominent ones such Istiqlal Grand Mosque, Sunda Kelapa Mosque and Baiturrahim Mosque in the State Palace compound, all in Central Jakarta.In addition to the MUI fatwa, Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan also announced on Thursday that the city would limit Friday prayer and all other mass religious activities for the next two weeks after a discussion with the Jakarta Religious Harmony Forum and all religious leaders in the capital.With 210 cases, Jakarta has the highest number of COVID-19 infections from the 17 provinces that have reported the disease.”We agreed to suspend all communal worship activities for two weeks. We urge people to pray at home during this time,” Anies said during a press briefing at City Hall on Thursday.After the administration’s warning, Istiqlal Mosque agreed to suspend Friday prayer for two weeks after insisting on holding the event.Istiqlal high imam Nasaruddin Umar also advised Muslims across the country to avoid all forms of congregational prayers during the pandemic.“We are strongly encouraged to prevent everything that is harmful,” he added. “Preventing harm is more important than pursuing benefits.” (mfp) Topics :center_img Ahmad, a 35-year-old caretaker of the Jami’ Ar-Rahmah Mosque said the Indonesian Mosque Council and the subdistrict’s office had approved the Friday prayer, adding that the mosque had been cleaned and sprayed with disinfected beforehand.“The people were eager to attend Friday prayer, so we still held it,” Ahmad told The Jakarta Post on Friday.Jami’ Ar-Rahmah was one of the many mosques still compelled to hold Friday prayer despite the ulema council’s warning. Caretakers of the Great Al Azhom mosque in Tangerang, Banten, said the mosque still held Friday prayer with a shorter sermon than usual while also advising people to bring their own prayer mats.“Because as of now, Tangerang is not a red zone. So, we chose to still have Friday prayer,” Chaerudin said on Friday as quoted by kompas.com, adding that the mosque had already been disinfected and people attending the prayer would have their temperatures checked.last_img read more

Brazil confirms first indigenous coronavirus case in the Amazon

first_imgThe patient, whose name was not made public, is a medical worker who had traveled upriver to several villages, including the town of Tabatinga, and returned home with fever, a sore throat and chest pains, the O Globo newspaper reported.Four cases of coronavirus have been confirmed in the same district, including a Brazilian doctor who tested positive last week, raising fears that the epidemic could spread to remote and vulnerable indigenous communities with devastating effect.The doctor, whose name was not made public, had returned from vacation in southern Brazil to work with the Tikunas, one of the largest tribe in the Amazon with more than 30,000 people who live in the upper Amazon near the borders with Colombia and Peru.Health experts warn that the spreading virus could be lethal for Brazil’s 850,000 indigenous people, who have been decimated for centuries by diseases brought by Europeans, from smallpox and malaria to the flu.Health experts say the indigenous peoples’ way of life in communal hamlets under large thatched structures increases the risk of contagion if any single member contracts the virus, which causes the sometimes fatal respiratory disease COVID-19.  Topics : An indigenous woman in a village deep in the Amazon rainforest has contracted the novel coronavirus, the first case reported among Brazil’s more than 300 tribes, the Health Ministry’s indigenous health service Sesai said on Wednesday.The 19-year-old woman from the Kokama tribe tested positive for the virus in the district of Santo Antonio do Içá, located near the border with Colombia some 880 km up the Amazon river from the state capital Manaus.”Unfortunately, we have an indigenous person with the virus,” said a Sesait spokeswoman by telephone.last_img read more

Guardiola salutes ‘incredible’ Foden as Man City make winning start

first_imgWhile City equaled Aston Villa’s record of winning 10 consecutive opening fixtures to a top-flight season, there is little doubt Liverpool remain the Premier League’s preeminent force for now.But Guardiola was delighted to open with a victory given the shorter than usual pre-season.”We could not run much because we are tired in our legs but in general we did a good game,” he said.”The period that we are in, the situation that we had this last two weeks, I expected some moments where we suffer but in general we controlled it well.”It was a good performance. We know how difficult it is in this stadium.”Sometimes we need more time to get to our best condition but it was a good start to come here and win.”It feels like a crucial season for City and Guardiola as they look to regain the title they won in 2018 and 2019.Guardiola says he needs to “deserve” an extension to his City contract rather than just be handed one as he enters the final year of his current deal.After finishing 18 points behind Liverpool and suffering a shock Champions League quarter-final defeat against Lyon, City need to push the champions harder this term and the early signs were encouraging. City’s swaggering first half gave way to an anxious spell as Wolves dominated after the interval and they had to cling on after Raul Jimenez got one back before Gabriel Jesus sealed the points in stoppage time.Foden’s goal was a welcome morale boost in his first match since the midfielder was sent home in disgrace, along with Manchester United’s Mason Greenwood, after the pair invited local women into the England team’s hotel.The breach of coronavirus protocols after England’s Nations League match in Iceland was publicly condemned by City, but the 20-year-old retains Guardiola’s trust.”For the goal and in the second half Foden played incredibly well, he helped us keep the ball,” Guardiola said. Topics : Pep Guardiola labeled Phil Foden as “incredible” after Manchester City survived a scare to start their Premier League title challenge with a 3-1 win against Wolves on Monday.City’s delayed start to the campaign — due to their involvement in last season’s Champions League — had allowed Liverpool to build a six-point lead over them before they had even kicked a ball.Guardiola’s side could not afford to slip up at Molineux if they wanted to keep pace with the champions and they raced into a two-goal lead before half-time thanks to Kevin De Bruyne’s penalty and Foden’s cool finish. Tense finale It was De Bruyne, showing no signs of relaxing after being voted PFA Player of the Year last season, who took the responsibility of driving City forward and in the 20th minute he prised open the Wolves defense.The Belgium midfielder’s burst into the Wolves area drew a rash lunge from Romain Saiss and referee Andre Marriner awarded a penalty that De Bruyne converted with ease.City were beaten by Wolves twice last season, but this was Guardiola’s team at their imperious best and they struck again with a slick move in the 32nd minute.Gabriel Jesus laid off to De Bruyne and his perfectly-weighted pass found Sterling, whose precise cutback teed up Foden to slot home from 12 yards.De Bruyne had a chance to make it three from Jesus’s pass, but for once he couldn’t apply the finishing touch as Rui Patricio saved well.Totally out-classed in the first half, Wolves were much improved after the break and there were worrying side for Guardiola as he surveyed his creaking defense.Daniel Podence turned to fire just wide and he threatened again with a chip over City keeper Ederson that just cleared the crossbar.Jimenez set up a tense finale when he met Podence’s cross with a powerful header in the 78th minute, but Jesus netted deep into stoppage-time as his shot deflected in off Conor Coady.last_img read more

AquaTrojan Boys Win Centerville Invitational

first_imgThe AquaTrojan Boys team wins the 2017 Boys Centerville Invitational on Saturday.The scores are as followed:  East Central 363, Centerville 268, Hagerstown 195, Milan 154, Rushville 89.Individual champions include:  Cai Fox-200 Freestyle; Jacob Weber-100 Freestyle, 100 Backstroke (School Record in 100 Backstroke); Jackson Ketcham-500 Freestyle; Alex Ketcham-100 Breaststroke.EC won all three relays to bring home the victory.Jacob Weber was voted by the Invitational coaches at the Meet MVP.The EC boys team finishes the regular season with a record of 26-1.Courtesy of AquaTrojans Coach Brandon Loveless.last_img read more

EPL: Newcastle, Everton in cagey duel

first_imgRelatedPosts Fulham keen on Lookman loan deal EPL: Calvert-Lewin treble fires Everton past West Brom EPL: Everton set to compound West Brom woes Newcastle United vs. Everton Venue: St. James’Park Kick off: 4PMNewcastle United play host to Everton in the Premier League this afternoon with just three points separating the clubs in the table. While the Magpies suffered a 4-1 defeat at Manchester United on Boxing Day, Carlo Ancelotti began his Toffees reign with a 1-0 victory against Burnley. When Newcastle took an early lead at Old Trafford on Boxing Day, Steve Bruce would have expected his players to make it difficult for their more illustrious opponents to produce the kind of comeback they have been known for over the years. However, Bruce was the first to acknowledge that his players had gifted their hosts victory with a number of mistakes in the aftermath of Matty Longstaff’s coolly-taken opener. While Bruce will feel that it was a one-off, there was a frustration that Newcastle had not taken the opportunity to move ahead of the Red Devils and closer to the top six. With defeat, Newcastle now find themselves battling to remain in the top 10, and a second successive setback will lead to Everton, currently 13th, overtaking them in the standings. The small margin of error highlights the competitiveness present in this season’s Premier League, meaning that Newcastle’s previous hard work may be undone if they fail to take anything from the game at St James’ Park. As for Everton, they make the long journey to the North-East on the back of putting together a four-match unbeaten streak in the top flight since the departure of Marco Silva. Duncan Ferguson more than steadied the ship with five points from contests against Chelsea, Man United and Arsenal, putting Ancelotti in a great position ahead of his first fixture against Burnley. Despite there still being scope for improvements to be made, success with a clean sheet was the perfect result for the experienced Italian, who will feel that his Toffees side have growing momentum heading into 2020. However, with Manchester City to come at the Etihad Stadium on New Year’s Day, Ancelotti will acknowledge that it increases the need for their recent positive streak to continue against their next opponents. Newcastle United possible XI: Dubravka, Yedlin, Schar, Fernandez, Lejeune, Willems, Joelinton, Hayden, Shelvey, Almiron, Carroll. Everton possible XI: Pickford, Keane, Mina, Holgate, Sidibe, Davies, Sigurdsson, Baines, Bernard, Richarlison, Kean.Tags: EPLEvertonNewcastlelast_img read more