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April 4 2002 This series of photos depict the rec

first_imgApril 4, 2002 This series of photosdepict the recent mammoth pour. Our construction team poured 112 tonsof concrete, which came to about 58 cubic yards delivered in 6 trucks.Remember this shot from the posting on March 26? This is the secondfloor of Unit 6 and 7 of the East Crescent showing the rebar cage before the pour.[Photo: David Tollas &text: Sue Anaya] On the morning of thepour construction manager Spencer Marrese-Atom is talkingthrough the expected chain of events with his crew in the classroom.[Photo: Ray Lam & text: SA] The first concretetruck is pulling up to the boom pump. [Photo & text: SA] Volunteer AndyBradshaw is stuffing a test cylinder with a sample from the first batchof concrete. The tubes are sent to a lab for compression strength.[Photo & text: SA] Workshopper SorenManillen is wetting down the forms before the pour. [Photo & text: SA] The pour starts atthe southwest corner of unit 6. [Photo: RL & text: SA] Constructionsupervisor Ray Shong is guiding the vibrating screed while Scott Reillyis smoothing out the surface with a giant bullfloat. [Photo: RL & text:SA] The pour in progress.[Photo: RL & text: SA] A view from the 3rdfloor of the 5th unit of the progress of the pour. [Photo: RL & text:SA] Our welding man RonChandler is guiding the pump hose. [Photo: Nadia Begin & text: SA] A view from thesky-suite onto the almost completed pour. [Photo: Nadia Begin & text:SA] With the pourcomplete there is still a lot of detail work to be done. [Photo & text:SA] Volunteer JunkoKobayashi is doing some of the edgework. Junko has gone back to Japan.[Photo & text: SA] Monster pourcomplete.last_img read more

Russian stateowned broadcasting organisation RTRS

first_imgRussian state-owned broadcasting organisation RTRS is to pilot HbbTV services in three Russian cities, according to deputy CEO Viktor Pinchuk.Speaking at the CSTB 2013 event in Moscow, Pinchuk reportedly said that RTRS was currently testing HbbTV-based hybrid broadcast broadband services using technology from three international providers. It would then move to a pilot phase in three cities with populations over one million, using set-top boxes that also supported DVB-T2 broadcasts, he said.last_img read more

Chinese famous fried franchise brand

is a type of fried food, common breakfast we Chinese long-standing, what kind of fried can make you seem to judge its taste is delicious? Xiaobian teach you a method: by observing the morphology of your full, half Yellow Sesame and green onion, soft taste, lower the bottom of the bag golden crispy; stuffing fresh taste, flavor, eat more sweet. "Thin skin" and "fresh meat", "soup", is the standard of a good fried.


production skills


pay attention to, must be in a saucepan, slightly wiping a layer of oil, fried will be neatly set (folds down). To be one by one, should be sprinkled evenly sprinkle some water. It is best to use a small mouth watering kettle, to sprinkle in the crevice, which penetrate into the pan bottom as well. Cover the pan and cook it for two or three minutes. Bake for two or three minutes, then sprinkle once. This can be a little oil, about five minutes after eating. With a shovel out, the five or six together, the bottom is golden yellow, slightly soft surrounding and upper. Steaming hot, for the best. When eating, the skin is crisp and soft, filling rotten also crisp, aroma assail the nostrils, memorable. read more