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first_imgDivers HyundaiRelay for Life 5K 2014 Place Race No. Time FirstName Surname Category Club 1 336 17.57 Jude O’Donnell M40 Individual2 424 18.09 Brian Ferry SM Letterkenny A C3 411 18.16 Damien Mc Bride SM Milford A C4 432 18.54 Niall Gildea SM Individual 5 448 19.23 Adrian Gill SM Individual6 429 19.35 Terence Boyle SM Individual7 438 19.46 John McFadden SM Individual8 412 19.48 Daniel Cullen SM Letterkenny A C9 427 19.51 Ollie Duffy SM Individual 10 466 19.52 Cathal Morrison M40 Individual11 437 19.57 Raymond Mc Bride SM Individual12 325 20.09 Cathal Harvey SM Individual13 321 20.19 Sammy Johnston SM 24/7 Triathlon 14 410 20.28 PJ Friel M50 Individual15 471 20.37 Gerard Callaghan M40 24/7 Triathlon16 355 21.04 Deirdre Diver SW Letterkenny A C17 370 21.06 Richard Raymond M50 Letterkenny A C18 470 21.09 Boyd Robinson M40 Individual19 455 21.10 Emma McGee SW Letterkenny A C20 425 21.21 Chris Nee SM Individual21 332 21.28 Noel Mc Cormick SM Individual22 454 21.29 Katherine McKinley SW Letterkenny A C23 323 21.58 Joseph Casey M40 Individual24 414 22.13 John Hughes M50 Individual25 316 22.13 Anthony Fox JM Individual26 445 22.20 James McBride M60 Individual27 428 22.51 Stephen McShane SM Individual28 352 22.53 Andrew Leighton M40 Individual29 322 23.00 Paul Gillan M40 Individual30 457 23.03 Allan Mailey SM Convoy31 369 23.04 Barry Carr SM Individual32 317 23.13 Martin Langan SM Convoy33 327 23.13 Karen Higgin SW Individual34 473 23.19 Ciaran Friel SM Individual35 330 23.20 Marie McAteer SW Individual36 329 23.26 Martin Carr SW Individual37 328 23.34 Thomas Friel SM Individual38 469 24.08 Mark Gildea SM Individual39 464 24.12 Danny McBride M40 Individual40 331 24.12 Claire McIntyer SW Individual41 361 24.16 Gretta Toye W40 Individual42 362 24.16 James Toye M40 Individual43 461 24.17 John Duffy M40 Individual44 486 24.18 Annette McCarron SW Individual45 413 24.24 Johnathon Wilson SM Individual46 485 24.25 Sarah McCarron SW Individual47 357 24.37 Paul McNally SM Individual48 463 24.43 David Oliver M50 Individual49 449 24.47 Sinead Kinnear SW Individual50 421 24.49 Declan Friel M40 Milford A C51 484 24.57 Liam Ferry SM Individual52 458 24.59 Ethna Fox W40 Letterkenny A C53 407 24.59 Irene McFadden SW Letterkenny A C54 420 25.00 Adam Friel JM Individual55 446 25.05 John Burke M40 Individual56 459 25.06 Eileen Morning W40 Individual57 468 25.13 Ruth McCrudden W40 Letterkenny A C58 433 25.31 Kevin Lynch M50 Individual59 426 25.32 Sean Bonner M50 Convoy60 349 25.42 Margaret Gallagher W50 Individual61 333 25.43 Amanda McGrath SW Individual62 456 25.44 Jason Peoples SM Convoy63 439 25.45 Goretti Sheridan W40 Individual64 351 25.48 Angela Doran W40 Individual65 309 25.55 Patrick Murray M40 Individual66 318 26.10 Anne Kelly W40 Individual67 306 26.17 Gareth O’ Donnell SM Individual68 368 26.22 Claire Anderson SW Individual69 367 26.22 Anthony Anderson SM Individual70 356 26.27 Noeleen Doogan W40 Individual71 373 26.29 Linda Clarke Walker Individual72 460 26.31 Margaret Bonner W40 Individual73 453 26.38 Jerry Burke M50 Inishowen A C74 305 26.38 Siobhan Mc Bride SW Individual75 338 26.48 Mary Bonner W50 Individual76 447 27.05 Annette Darcy W40 Individual77 324 27.07 Jimmy Gildea M40 Individual78 477 27.09 Ciaran Diver M40 Individual79 422 27.21 Avril Larkin SW Individual80 312 27.23 Louise Gallagher SW Individual81 441 27.27 Pamela McGranaghan W40 Individual82 442 27.27 Andy McGranaghan M50 Individual83 462 27.27 Denis Sheridan M50 Individual84 444 27.28 Edel Conway JW Individual85 434 27.32 Christine Chamber SW Individual86 465 27.33 Orla Redmond SW Individual87 406 27.47 John Fitzgerald – Individual88 435 27.57 Emma Gordon SW Individual89 302 28.06 Margo Mc Nally SW Individual90 452 28.06 Rosaleen Gallagher W40 Individual91 467 28.24 Maureen McBrearty W40 Individual92 319 28.25 Mary Gallagher SW Individual93 478 28.25 Stella McCole SW Individual94 430 29.01 Jane McGoohan SW Individual95 350 29.03 Mary McFettigan W40 Individual96 443 29.04 Rita Conway W50 Individual97 314 29.07 Martina Prunty SW Individual98 313 29.08 Collette Joyce SW Individual99 315 29.08 Martin Gallagher SM Individual100 481 29.18 Linda McGroarty SW Individual101 440 29.19 Donna Higgins SW Individual102 353 29.35 Donna McGettigan SW Individual103 354 29.35 Annette Olsen SW Individual104 363 29.39 Sophie Kelly W40 Individual105 482 29.42 Connor Lawless SM Individual106 431 29.53 Maria Mc Ginley SW Individual107 304 30.21 Louise Doherty SW Individual108 335 30.23 Denis Gallagher M50 Individual109 423 30.44 Geraldine McGinley W40 Individual110 483 31.05 Christopher Digimas SM Individual111 334 31.28 Madge Gallagher W50 Individual112 480 32.10 Julia Cannon W40 Individual113 301 32.20 Aine Mc Laughlin JW Individual114 348 33.32 Louise Gallagher Walker Individual115 346 33.32 Cathy Stewart SW Individual116 418 34.11 Grainne Cullen SW Individual117 419 34.11 Aisling Cullen JW Individual118 345 35.25 Sheena Stewert SW Individual119 344 35.25 Michelle Rankin SW Individual120 347 35.25 Eileen Gallagher Walker Individual121 359 35.46 Danielle Hamilton Walker Individual122 475 35.50 Jean McGlinchey W50 Individual123 474 35.51 Noreen Sharkey W50 Individual124 320 36.04 Charlotte Valentine SW Inishowen A C125 371 36.21 Ruth Mc Crossan Walker Individual126 472 37.32 Tina Lynch Walker Individual127 337 37.47 An Other Walker Individual128 436 38.45 Evelyn Cullen Walker Individual129 307 40.13 Eileen McElhinney SW Individual130 364 40.16 Mark Bradley Walker Individual131 303 40.35 Catherine Rodgers SW Individual132 326 41.25 Josie Gallagher Walker Individual133 358 41.25 Joanne Doherty Walker Individual134 476 42.22 Kelly Ford Walker Individual135 450 43.52 Allistair Jameson SM Individual136 451 43.52 Ellie Jameson JW Individual137 415 44.09 Jerry O’Donnell Walker Individual138 308 44.31 Ester McElhinney SW Individual139 408 45.44 Deirdre O’Donnell Walker Individual140 409 45.44 Eileen O’Donnell Walker Individual141 310 46.26 Anne-Marie Mc Cormick SW Individual142 311 46.27 Paula Crumlish SW Individual143 416 46.55 Janet Donnell Walker Individual144 417 46.55 Caroline Dillon Walker Individual145 372 54.38 Keelan Clarke JM IndividualTotal Runners: 145RESULTS OF THE DIVER’S RELAY FOR LIFE 5K was last modified: May 29th, 2014 by John2Share this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Tags:RESULTS OF THE DIVER’S RELAY FOR LIFE 5Klast_img read more

AK Community fights back against Seldovia land buyouts

first_imgZane Henning, a friend of Greg Davis, with Backer’s Island in the background. (Photo by Quinton Chandler/KBBI)Download audioOver the last eight years, a California man has snatched up dozens of parcels of land in the small community of Seldovia, on Kachemak Bay.His work on that property has dragged him into legal disputes with the city of Seldovia and some of his neighbors.During Greg Davis’ first years in Seldovia, residents were concerned about the amount of property he was buying, but they weren’t overly alarmed.Bretwood Higman says he met Davis about five years ago. He didn’t see him much after that, but Higman’s father became good friends with Davis. Then in the summer of 2015, Higman says Davis’ tone in town started to change.The city of Seldovia considers this a public road and is suing Greg Davis to restore access to it. (Photo by Quinton Chandler/KBBI)“He seemed to have this vision, and he talked about this, this vision of improving Seldovia and coming in from the outside buying…he talks about buying properties because they were ugly and improving them, cleaning them up,” Higman said.Davis owns 42 pieces of property, inside and outside of Seldovia city limits, through his family business Precious Earth. Seldovians say that’s a lot of land for one man, especially in a town that recorded a population of only 233 people in 2014.“To make it into a soundbite: he came and tried to buy a town and it doesn’t want to be bought,” Higman said.Higman’s family owns beach property surrounded by Davis’ land. They can access it by water and by walking the beach during low tide. But for about 35 years, Higman says, the family has mainly used a trail that crosses Davis’ land.Higman says Davis recently told his family he didn’t want them to use the trail anymore. Last year, Davis put up a no trespassing sign. Higman’s mother crossed Davis’ property at least twice after that but the police declined to intervene. Higman says from there, things escalated.“He sent this email where he lays out very clearly this threat of physical violence, that he would take the law into his own hands and he’s threatening that against my family,” Higman said.Most other residents in town agree. Jeremiah Campbell bought the Boardwalk Hotel in Seldovia about three years ago. He says Davis made a lot of other residents mad when he burned down a historic cabin that sat on his Backer’s island property. He says it wasn’t environmentally friendly.“(He) burned it for a period of about four days, just a plume of black smoke,” Campbell said. “The community wasn’t real happy with that.”There are also hard feelings over a road Davis was building out to the island. Residents worried the work could damage critical habitat. Davis and a friend also blocked part of what the city considers to be a public road after discovering it cut through a corner of one of his properties.The city of Seldovia ordered them to move the barricades, and they refused. Now the city is suing to force them to comply.“Property lines in Seldovia are weird like a lot of small towns in Southeast and stuff,” Campbell said. “So a lot of folks have gotten together and said, ‘hey, no harm no foul. If you’re good I’m good and we’ll just let it be. You’ve got your shed on my property my fence is on your property.’”But, Campbell says, Greg Davis doesn’t feel the same way.Davis himself didn’t want to be interviewed for this story, but he wrote in an email that his mission is, “to as quickly as possible, create the greatest good, for the most people…”Zane Henning is one of Davis’ only supporters in town. He’s the friend who helped Davis set up the barricades. He says there’s nothing wrong with what they did because it isn’t a road, it’s private property.“When you own property, you can do with it what you want as long as it’s within the regulations of the city code….property rights and property boundaries have been embedded in our constitution,” Henning said.(Photo courtesy Bretwood Higman)Henning says he and his wife live right in front of the property Davis and the city are fighting over. They don’t understand why so much of the town doesn’t like Davis.“Because there’s been this underlying tone throughout town…it’s not underlying it’s clear and above board,” Henning said. “I mean everybody makes statements all the time that they don’t like Greg Davis.”Henning says some of that dislike goes back to the amount of property Davis owns.“There was 42 people that didn’t want to be here anymore and Greg bought their properties. It’s great for them. He likes real estate. He thinks that this is one of the most beautiful places he’s ever been in the world. And so he’s buying property,” Henning said. “He’s got the money to buy the property and when he gets a good deal on a piece of property, he buys it. I don’t see the negative.”Higman says Davis is basically fighting a battle against the town and he has no idea how it’s going to end.“I think the thing that Greg completely doesn’t see and I wish he could is that Seldovia is a pretty awesome place,” Higman said. “We’ve been doing alright.”Higman says if Davis felt the same, he might have a better relationship with his neighbors.last_img read more