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Consent condoms need four hands to open the box

first_img Turned On Share your voice Tulipan has placed the limited-edition product in bars and at events around Buenos Aires, and is sharing the product on social media with the hashtag #PlacerConsentido, or “permitted pleasure.” Tulipan plans to sell the condoms online in the future, TNW reports.   “Tulipan has always spoken of safe pleasure, but for this campaign we understood that we had to talk about the most important thing in every sexual relationship — pleasure is possible only if you both give your consent,” Joaquin Campins of BBDO said in a statement.   turnedonpromoClick for more on the intersection of technology and sex. Tulipan’s unusual rubbers arose, TNW reports, after AHF Argentina, an advocacy organization for people living with HIV, revealed that only 14.5% of Argentinian men regularly used a condom. While 65% said they occasionally used condoms, an alarming 20.5% said they’d never used a condom.      Many on social media applauded the message tucked into the marketing, though some noted the types of people who commit sexual assault wouldn’t pay attention to it.This isn’t the first creative product to highlight issues around sexual boundaries.   The Dress For Respect measures how many times the wearer is groped, with sensors sewn in that measure where on the body, and when, the wearer is touched. The information gets transferred via Wi-Fi to a control unit in real time. The conceptual frock by advertising agency Ogilvy got a test run last year in Brazil, where 86 percent of women have been harassed in nightclubs, according to data from Think Olga, a feminist collective founded by a Brazilian journalist.  Three women wore the sparkly conceptual dress to a Sao Paulo club in one night, and the data showed they were touched nonconsensually 157 times in less than four hours. That averages more than 40 touches per hour.   Comments 4 Tulipan Two hands aren’t enough to open the package for the new “Consent Pack” of condoms. It takes four hands pressing simultaneously on all four sets of buttons on the top and sides of the box. “If they don’t say yes, it means no,” the tagline on a video demonstration reads.   Ad agency BBDO Argentina created the “Consent Pack” for Tulipan, an Argentine seller of sex toys and sexual-health products, including condoms.    You probably won’t find this unusual condom in a drugstore near you anytime soon, but it’s still a reminder of the importance of consent in any sexual encounter. It’s a topic that’s gotten increasing attention on college campuses and workplaces in the US amid the #MeToo movement.  “Why can’t this box be opened with two hands? Because that’s how consent works in relationships,” reads a translated post from Tulipan’s Facebook page. En el sexo vale todo solo si se respeta una regla: el consentimiento de ambos para hacerlo. #PlacerConsentido 🌷 pic.twitter.com/RuIjvbL1yg— Tulipán Argentina (@TulipanARG) March 27, 2019 Tags Culture Wellnesslast_img read more

How Google plans to make foldable phones and popup selfie cameras better

first_img Foldable Phones Tags 3 Jul 10 • How to get Android 10 right now “Developers don’t plan their apps … with the idea that there would be two different screens with two different aspect ratios,” said Samat. “We wanted to make that as easy as possible to code for. If you make it easy and people can start experimenting and seeing what’s possible; it can accelerate the entire category.” Google’s tools for app developers stems from its close collaboration on the Galaxy Fold. After working with Samsung and other, undisclosed phone brands, Google is opening up its code and tools to other OEMs (original equipment manufacturers).Google’s interest in Android for foldable phones doesn’t stop with its partner OEMs. The company is also working on its own foldable Pixel, at least for internal testing. “We’re definitely prototyping the technology. We’ve been doing it for a long time,” Mario Queiroz, Pixel’s development lead, said in an interview last week at Google’s headquarters. “I don’t think there’s a clear use case yet.” The Oppo Reno’s camera pops up at a jaunty angle. Oppo What about pop-up selfie cameras?Phones with front-facing cameras are also getting a makeover. There are now several models that pop up or slide out of the body, and Samsung Galaxy A80 has three cameras that swivel to take photos in either direction. The One Plus 7 is rumored to have a pop-up camera, too, when it launches on May 14.Cameras that live in the phone’s body aren’t just for show. As with foldable screens, pop-up cameras exist to give you more screen space — in this case, by removing the front-facing sensors from the phone’s face. This design is a way around having to add a screen notch. captura-de-pantalla-2019-03-08-a-las-14-14-35The OnePlus 7 is rumored to have a front-facing pop-up camera. Slashleaks “I think there’ll be many interesting different form factors in the way people innovate with the front-facing sensors,” said Samat. “We’re starting to see this form factors come to life.Google is working with OEM partners to make sure that the different phone-makers don’t need to worry about the camera’s exact location in order to use Android’s camera software. Every phone has a slightly different camera array, which means developers have to add code to optimize their apps. To that end, Google is building out a library called CameraX , which gives developers “a layer of abstraction” so they don’t have to code for each new configuration a phone might take. The CameraX library comes shipped as a developer library on top of Android. The benefit of CameraX doesn’t stop at pop-up cameras. It has the potential to help third-party camera apps faster, more stable and more consistent, too. Our Galaxy Fold didn’t break. Here’s what’s good and… • Now playing: Watch this: Now playing: Watch this: For example, they can turn a phone into a tablet, as with the Fold and Huawei Mate X. We could also see narrow phones that open vertically, as with the throwback flip phone style of the rumored foldable Motorola Razr, and even designs that bend around your wrist like a watch.”Historically, a mobile phone and a tablet have been two devices. If you think about them being the same device … it can be quite delightful,” said Samat, who has used the Galaxy Fold. Google’s support for foldable centers on App Continuity, which helps you switch apps between foldable phones’ smaller and larger screens without skipping a beat. This software is especially critical because, while device-makers have internally prototyped foldable phones for years, most developers are brand new to the design. reading • How Google plans to make foldable phones and pop-up selfie cameras better Google I/O 2019 10:12 Google I/O 2019 Aug 26 • Android Q has a name: Android 10. Here’s how you’ll use it Jul 24 • Nest Hub Max: Google’s 10-inch Assistant smart display costs $230, debuts Sept. 9 Share your voice Aug 12 • Google will ask you to migrate your Nest account soon: Here’s what you need to know 60 Photos 4:54 See All Google can read the writing on the wall: foldable phones and devices with selfie cameras that pop up from the body are set to pick up steam in 2019, and Android has to be ready. On Tuesday at I/O 2019, Google officially confirmed that it’s including tools in Android Q that will help keep the OS humming along on phones with moving parts. Google had already declared last November that it would support foldable designs like Samsung’s Galaxy Fold.Foldable phones are especially timely, promising to shake up the phone industry with new designs that can expand your screen space without making devices larger. Although early problems with the Galaxy Fold caused a delay in releasing the phone, which Samsung is scrambling to fix, other devices like the Huawei Mate X, rumored foldable Motorola Razr and designs that bend around your wrist like a watch could potentially tangle up Android apps without Google’s guidance.”We’re seeing perhaps the reinvention of the mobile form factor,” Sameer Samat, VP of product management for Android and Play, said of foldable phones during an interview. “While it’s very early, we may look back on this and understand how profound it was.” Android Q beta: What’s new? Close up with the Galaxy Fold screen, notch and hinge Comments Android 10 (Android Q) Google Originally published at 4 a.m. PT.last_img read more

New attack on Egypt Christians kills 28

first_imgMasked gunmen attacked a bus carrying Coptic Christians on a visit to a monastery south of the Egyptian capital on Friday, killing at least 28 people including children, officials said.The assailants in three pick-up trucks attacked the bus as it carried visitors to the Saint Samuel monastery in Minya province, more than 200 kilometres (120 miles) from Cairo, before fleeing, the interior ministry said.It was the latest attack on Copts after Islamic State (IS) group jihadists bombed three churches in December and April, killing dozens of Christians.Pictures of the bus aired by state television showed the vehicle riddled with machinegun fire and its windows shot out.Cellphone footage and pictures circulated on Egyptian media sites showed several victims who had apparently been shot dead scattered in the desert sand around the bus.State television quoted a health ministry official as saying a “large number” of the victims were children.“They used automatic weapons,” Minya governor Essam el-Bedawi told state television of the attackers.Bedawi said police were fanning out along the road where the attack took place and had set up checkpoints.State television reported that the attack killed 28 people, citing the health minister.The latest attack came after jihadists had threatened more strikes against the Copts, who make up about 10 percent of Egypt’s 90-million population.In a statement on its spokesman’s Facebook page, the Coptic Church called for “measures to be taken to prevent the dangers of those incidents that tarnish Egypt’s image”.Suicide bombers with the jihadist group struck a Cairo church on December 11, next to the seat of the Coptic pope, killing 29 people.On April 11, bombers attacked two churches north of Cairo on Palm Sunday, killing 45 people, in the deadliest strike in living memory against the Copts.The Copts’ Pope Tawadros II had been leading a service in one of the two churches attacked that day.The bombings prompted President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi to declare a three-month state of emergency.‘Unacceptable to Muslims’ -The Egyptian affiliate of IS has also killed several Copts in North Sinai, forcing dozens of families to flee the province in January.Friday’s shooting came after a historic visit to Egypt by Roman Catholic Pope Francis to show solidarity with the country’s Christians.In his late April trip, Francis visited one of the bombed Coptic churches and condemned violence carried out in the name of God.Al-Azhar, Egypt’s top religious authority, condemned Friday’s shooting which took place on the eve of the start of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.“The Minya incident is unacceptable to Muslims and Christians and it targets Egypt’s stability,” Al-Azhar’s Grand Imam Ahmed al-Tayeb said in a statement.Israel, with whom Egypt signed a peace treaty in 1979, also condemned the attack.“Israel strongly condemns the severe terrorist attack in Egypt and sends the condolences of the Israeli people to President al-Sisi and the Egyptian people,” a statement from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office said.Copts have suffered sectarian attacks for years.A suicide bomber attacked a church in 2011, and there have been deadly clashes with Muslims, especially in the rural south, following disputes over church construction.Egypt says it has identified those behind the church bombings in April, saying they were part of an extremist cell based in southern provinces, offering a reward for their capture.Sisi has defended the performance of his security forces and accused jihadists of trying to divide Egyptian society by attacking vulnerable minorities.last_img read more

Pakistan doctor who helped track bin Laden likely to be released

first_imgA roadside vendor sells newspapers with headlines about the death of al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden, in Lahore. Reuters file photoPakistani prison authorities have moved the jailed doctor believed to have helped the CIA hunt down Osama bin Laden, his attorney said on Saturday, speculating it could be a prelude to his release.The continued imprisonment of Dr Shakil Afridi has long been a source of tension between Pakistan and the United States, which cut military aid over accusations Pakistan continues to shelter Taliban militants fighting US and Afghan soldiers across the border in Afghanistan.A jail official in the northwestern city of Peshawar told Reuters on condition of anonymity that Afridi had been transferred to Adiala prison in Rawalpindi, near the capital Islamabad, but said the reasons were unclear and could simply be security-related.Afridi’s lawyer, Qamar Nadeem, confirmed the transfer of his client but said he was not sure where he was now. Judicial officials could not be reached on Saturday, nor could embassy officials for the United States, which has for years called on Pakistan to release Afridi.Afridi was accused of treason after word spread he had helped the CIA collect genetic samples of the bin Laden family, paving the way for a US Navy SEAL raid in 2011 in the town of Abbottabad that killed the al Qaeda leader accused of plotting the 11 Sept 2001 attacks on the United States that killed nearly 3,000 people.He was arrested days after the U.S. operation – which Pakistan called a violation of its sovereignty – and charged with aiding terrorists.Afridi was sentenced to 23 years’ jail for financing terrorism. That conviction was overturned in 2013, but he is still serving time for other terrorism-related convictions, his lawyer said.He also faced a murder trial related to the death of a patient more than a decade ago.However, the layer said Afridi had recently had his latest sentence reduced to seven years in a clemency action, and had served about that amount of time already.“So I think he can be released very soon,” Nadeem told Reuters.There were no other immediate indications of any release in the works, however.A US State Department official, speaking on the condition of anonymity, called on the Pakistani government to ensure Afridi’s safety.“We are aware ýof reports that Dr. Afridi has been transferred to another prison, and call on the Government of Pakistan to take all necessary measures to ensure Dr. Afridi’s safety,” the official said.“We don’t have anything else at this time and would refer you to the government of Pakistan as to the reasons for his transfer,” the official added.In January 2017, Pakistan’s then-law minister said the country would not release Afridi under any U.S. pressure.“Afridi worked against the law and our national interest, and the Pakistan government has repeatedly been telling the United States that under our law he committed a crime and was facing the law,” Zahid Hamid was quoted as saying at the time.last_img read more

US online video site and web series specialist Bli

first_imgUS online video site and web series specialist Blip is looking to make a UK hire as it aims to expand its business into Europe. Speaking to DTVE, Blip CEO Kelly Day said it was looking to hire someone in the UK to focus on “producer relationships,” tapping into new video creator talent on this side of the Atlantic.“It’s the beginning of having more of a foundation in London, Day said, adding that London would also serve as a jumping-off point for other major European markets. The firm interviewed candidates for the role earlier this month.In terms of further expansion plans, Day said: “We are looking at some of the non-European countries as interesting markets and thinking about strategies there – Latin America is interesting and we’re looking at more Spanish-language content. India is very interesting, and [we are also] looking at potential partners in India.”Blip is home to original web series from professional and up-and-coming producers and airs dramas, comedies and other categories of online video for free.It has also started developing partnerships with some of the bigger YouTube channels to create vertical branded destination sites. It recently signed a deal with FremantleMedia North America to develop a new pet-related entertainment destination on Blip, with the content to also be available across the web. Fremantle originally launched its Pet Collective channel on YouTube as part of the latter’s original channels initiative, but the channel no longer being funded by YouTube.last_img read more

European public broadcasting organsiation the EBU

first_imgEuropean public broadcasting organsiation the EBU has called on the European telecom regulators’ group BEREC to apply strong net neutrality rules across the EU to help ensure media diversity.In a response to a BEREC consultation on net neutrality guidelines, the EBU said that the deployment of 5G mobile services should not be seen as a pretext to dilute the implementation of net neutrality rules.The EBU also came out strongly against so-called ‘zero rating’ where internet service providers offer free access related to specific applications and services. The broadcasters’ organisation said that regulators should carefully monitor deals of this type, where organisations with large financial resources have the ability to negotiate preferential deals.The EBU said that zero rating could have an adverse impact on media pluralism and distort competition.The organsiation also called on regulators to prevent blocking of content and discriminatory practices based on commercial considerations, to implement measures that ensure that equivalent types of traffic are treated equally and to ensure that treatment of ‘specialised services’ does not have an adverse impact on internet access.“We consider a robust net neutrality EU policy to be crucial for the development of an open and interoperable 5G technology platform. The implementation of clear and strong EU net neutrality rules can go hand-in-hand with a rapid deployment of 5G,” said EBU head of European regulatory affairs Nicola Frank.“The implementation of net neutrality rules must not result in the creation of an internet ‘slow lane’ alongside internet ‘toll roads’ which are prohibitively expensive or restricted on the basis of the network’s strategic interests.”last_img read more

But the most important takeaway from these charts

first_img But the most important takeaway from these charts, besides the fact that the prices are being actively managed, is that there are no spike lows at any of the daily fixes—the two in gold and one in silver—to be found on either chart.  It was the same in September as well. ‘Da boyz’—having been caught with their fingers in the cookie jar at the p.m. fix—have changed tactics, which is more than obvious in these charts. Here’s what the 5-year Intraday Average Gold Price Movement chart for gold looks like, complete with the spike lows at both the a.m. and p.m. fixes.  And as you  can see from the two charts above, this pattern has been replaced by something new—but the ‘fix’ is still in. Sponsor Advertisement Silver got taken to the woodshed at the Sunday night open—and was down almost 45 cents at its low, which came around 8:30 a.m. Hong Kong time. [This appeared to be a new low tick to the downside in silver, but the 6-month silver chart in The Wrap indicates otherwise.] From that point, silver rallied slightly into positive territory in a rather choppy fashion until the price got capped starting shortly before 1 p.m. EST.  It got sold down a bit at that point—and back into negative territory—before trading sideways in the 5:15 p.m. close. The low and high tick were recorded as $16.22 and $15.74 in the December contract, which was an intraday move of more than 3 percent. Silver finished the Monday session at $16.145 spot, down 3 cents from Friday’s close.  Net volume was very decent at 37,000 contracts, of which 9,000 or so came before the London open. I was happy to see the precious metal shares do as well as they did yesterday, so it’s obvious that there was some serious bottom fishing going on—and I’ll be more than interested to see how they perform going forward. And as I write this paragraph, the London open is twenty minutes away—and every rally attempt in gold during the Far East trading session got sold down before it could get very far—and a the moment the gold price is basically unchanged from Monday’s close in New York.  As usual, silver got sold down at the open in New York on their Monday evening—and is still down about two bits on the day.  Platinum got hit for $20 in the first couple of hours trading—and is still down 9 dollars at the moment.  Palladium is back below the $800 mark at $796. Gold’s net volume is just over 27,000 contracts—and virtually all of it is in the December contract, so it’s a given that it’s mostly of the HFT variety.  Silver’s net volume is already north of 7,000 contracts. The dollar index, which had been down a bit more than 20 basis points, hit its 87.08 low tick at exactly 1 p.m. Hong Kong time—and has been in rally mode ever since—and is only down 5 basis points at the moment.  Here’s the U.S. Dollar Index chart for the first two hours or so of trading on Tuesday—and you can see the precise timing of the low tick, so you know that this wasn’t free-market forces at work. Uranium Energy Corp. (NYSE MKT: UEC) is pleased to announce that the final authorization has been granted for production at its Goliad ISR Project in South Texas.  As announced in previous press releases, the Company received all of the required authorizations from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, including an Aquifer Exemption which has now been granted concurrence from EPA Region 6. Amir Adnani, President and CEO, stated, “We are very pleased to have received this final authorization for initiating production at Goliad. Our geological and engineering teams have worked diligently toward achieving this major milestone and are to be truly commended. We are grateful to the EPA for its thorough reviews and for issuing this final concurrence. The Company’s near-term plan is to complete construction at the first production area at Goliad and to greatly increase the throughput of uranium at our centralized Hobson processing plant.” Please contact Investor Relations with questions or to request additional information, info@uraniumenergy.com. The gold stocks traded around either side of unchanged until about 11:45 a.m. in New York—and then chopped higher into the close, with the HUI finishing the Monday trading session up 2.68%.  Here’s Nick’s chart. There was some serious bottom fishing going on Gold got hammered right out of the gate at 6 p.m. on Sunday evening, hitting a new low for this move down in the spot market at 8 a.m. Hong Kong time.  It rallied from there, hitting its high tick at the noon silver fix in London—and that was it for the day, as the price got sold down progressively lower during the New York trading session. The low and high ticks were reported by the CME Group as $1,173.40 and $1,161.00 in the December contract. Gold was closed at $1,165.30 spot, down $7.60 on the day.  Net volume was very much on the lighter side at  108,000 contracts, with 30,000 of those coming before the London open. Platinum followed a similar pattern, with the low tick coming about 8:30 a.m. in Hong Kong, followed by the high of the day which came at the noon silver fix in London [1 p.m. Zurich time]—and from there it traded quietly lower in the close.  Platinum was closed up 3 dollars on the day. I have a very decent number of stories for you today, so I hope you have the time to read the ones that interest you. There remain these two parallel universes: First, there’s “The Truman Show” world: Japan’s Kuroda has essentially nothing to do with the great U.S. bull market. It is instead driven by robust economic fundamentals, including strong GDP and corporate profits. The U.S. is simply the best place in the world to invest – and American equities are a friggin’ slam dunk, all-in buy. King Dollar is confirmation of all that is good in the U.S. But the alternative universe is a totally different world: Kuroda is one of a very select group of leading central bankers working desperately to sustain a runaway global financial Bubble. There’s an historic experiment in “money” printing that is at the brink of failure. Around the world there are speculative financial market Bubbles of unprecedented proportions at risk of bursting. History’s Greatest Credit Bubble already has serious cracks. Moreover, the incredible widening gap between (The Truman Show) securities prices and deteriorating (bursting Bubble) fundamental prospects boosts the likelihood of a global market accident. – Doug Noland, The Prudent Bear: 31 October 2014 It’s obvious that despite the lows of last Friday, that JPMorgan et al are still around, as they set a new low price tick for [spot] gold in early Far East trading on their Monday morning—and came very close in silver.  Another of the ‘Big 6’ commodities that set a new low engineered price for this move down on Monday, was West Texas Intermediate Crude—and you can see that in its 6-month chart posted below. Today, at the 1:30 p.m. EST close of Comex trading, is the cut-off for this Friday’s Commitment of Traders Report—and as I pointed out in yesterday’s column, if we get through yesterday and today with no significant price moves to the upside in either gold or silver, the COT Report and companion Bank Participation Report should certainly be one for the record books.  The Monday price action was more than helpful in that regard—and now we just have to get through today. Of course I’d be delighted if the precious metals blasted off regardless—and to hell with what these reports may or may not show—but since we’re this close, I’d be happy if they held off for another nine hours or so. Of course with both gold and silver this far below their respective 20, 50 and 200-day moving averages, the price could remain comatose for many weeks or months before the Managed Money traders are forced to cover as moving averages are penetrated to the upside.  However, it could happen anytime for other reasons and, as always, the timing is unknown. And as I hit the send button on today’s column at 5:20 a.m. EST, gold is still chopping around unchanged—and silver has rallied a bit, but is still down 17 cents from yesterday’s close.   Platinum is heading lower again—and almost back at the low it hit in early morning trading in the Far East.  Palladium is about unchanged.  The dollar index hasn’t changed much, either. I wish I knew what to expect for the remainder of the Tuesday trading session, but I haven’t a clue.  So nothing will surprise me when I check the charts later this morning. See you tomorrow. The dollar index closed late on Friday afternoon in New York at 86.91—and then rallied in fits and starts up until its 87.40 high that came about ten minutes before the 1:30 p.m. close of Comex trading.  From that point it chopped a few basis points lower into the close, finishing the Monday session at 87.29—up another 38 basis points. In silver, the October low tick came at 11:15 a.m. EDT—and the high tick was at shortly after 1 p.m. Hong Kong time/1:00 a.m. EDT. Palladium had a tiny down/up move on Sunday night as well, but from there it traded almost ruler flat until shortly before 10 a.m. in Zurich.  From there it rallied to its high at the noon silver fix in London [1 p.m. Zurich time]—and from there it sold off a few bucks going into the London p.m. gold fix—and then traded ruler flat once again into the 5:15 p.m. EST close.  Palladium finished the Monday trading session right on the $800 the ounce mark, up 9 bucks from Friday. It was the same story for the silver equities up until 10:45 a.m.—and then they took off as well, but rallied much more convincingly, with most of their gains coming by 1 p.m. EDT, which is the point at which the silver price  ran into “all the usual suspects”.  From there they traded flat into the close, as Nick Laird’s Intraday Silver Sentiment Index closed up a very decent 4.82%. The next photo is one that a reader sent me—and if you’re not familiar with this bird, it’s an Andean cock-of-the-rock. Here’s the New York Spot Silver [Bid] chart on it own so you can see the rather questionable price ‘action’ around 1 p.m. EDT. The CME Daily Delivery Report for Day 3 of the November delivery month showed that zero gold and 22 silver contracts were reported for delivery within the Comex-approved depositories on Wednesday.  The link to yesterday’s Issuers and Stoppers Report is here. The CME Preliminary Report for the Monday trading session showed that gold open interest in November is now 65 contracts, up ten contracts from yesterday’s report.  Silver’s November o.i. increased by 14 contracts to 133 contracts, minus the 22 contracts posted for delivery tomorrow. There were no reported changes in GLD yesterday—and as of 7:36 p.m. EST yesterday, there were no reported changes in SLV, either.  But when I was editing this column at 3:55 a.m. EST, I was amazed to see that an authorized participant had added another 1,150,108 troy ounces. As I sort of expected, there was another big sales report from the U.S. Mint to start off the new month.  They sold 12,000 troy ounces of gold eagles—2,500 one-ounce 24K gold buffaloes—and 625,000 silver eagles.  If I had to bet ten bucks, I’d bet on the fact that these sales were made on Friday, but were shoved into the new month.  If they’d been included in October sales, they would have pushed silver eagles sales well over the 6 million mark—and further into record territory—and that would just never do, would it? There were no reported in/out movements in gold over at the Comex-approved depositories on Friday but, once again, there was very decent in/out activity in silver, as 592,820 troy ounces were reported received—and 912,591 ounces were shipped out the door.  Virtually all of the activity was at the CNT Depository and Canada’s Bank of Nova Scotia.  The link to the silver activity is here. Here are the 2-minute tick charts for the October intraday price movements for both gold and silver.  Once you average out all 23 trading days in October, the underlying price pattern becomes obvious and, as is always the case, they both have ‘shape’ to them.   A freely-traded commodity in anything would not have a chart pattern that looked like this. In gold, the low came exactly an hour after the 6 p.m. open in New York—and the high tick of the day came a minute or so after 12 o’clock noon Hong Kong time/midnight EDT in New York. The first photo is the current situation at the lava flow at Pāhoa Village on the ‘Big Island’ of Hawai’i.  “A breakout occurred from an inflated lobe on Sunday morning, November 2, 2014. Scattered breakouts like this, which took place about 200 meters (218 yards) upslope of the stalled leading edge, have been common over the past few days—and are filling in low points behind the flow front.”  I borrowed the photo and the text from the Hawai’ian Volcano Observatory website yesterday—and the ‘click to enlarge’ feature on this photo is worth using here.] And just for curiosity sake, here are the gold charts for the 23 trading days in October, with a different colour for each day—“rainbow spaghetti soup” is what Nick called it.  It’s hard to believe from looking at the multicoloured mess below, that when the 2-minute ticks from each trading day are averaged out over the entire October trading month, that the price management scheme is laid bare—but it is.  And it’s even more obvious in the 60-month/5-year rolling chart above.last_img read more

A disabled university lecturer was forced to live

first_imgA disabled university lecturer was forced to live in a residential home for older people for seven months because of a crisis in accessible housing that is “spiralling out of control”, according to a new report.Dr Chetna Patel was moving from Scotland to Sheffield for a new university job, but was unable to find any suitable homes for her access needs as a wheelchair-user.Dr Patel said: “I was desperate and needed to move and take up my post; a social worker came up with the solution of my staying in a residential home for the elderly. “I had no other option and so accepted it. The home did its best but it was a battle to keep my motivation up as I lost much of my independent life whilst in there.”Her case is just one of many collected by the charity Muscular Dystrophy UK while compiling its Breaking Point report on housing for disabled people in England.It says the crisis in accessible housing is “spiralling out of control”, and has called for central government and local authorities to lead a “revolution in the building of accessible homes”.In another case, John Harrison, from Winsford, Cheshire, has had to reply on his wife to wash him for more than a year, because their bath and shower are completely unsuitable for him.   He has already paid £16,000 to have his kitchen adapted, but cannot afford another £8,000, which the council says he has to contribute towards installing a wet-room.He said: “I have quite simply exhausted my funds in adapting my home, and I cannot afford to put up a further £8,000 to change the bathroom.“This is really taking its toll but without support from the council and without sufficient personal finance, I’m unable to make the adaptations that I need.”In some parts of the country, there are more than 100 disabled people and their families waiting for accessible accommodation, according to councils that responded to freedom of information requests submitted this summer by the charity.One council, Croydon, had 176 people on its waiting list for wheelchair-accessible housing at the time it responded, but not a single wheelchair-accessible property available.Another, Harlow, had 166 people on the waiting-list, and again not a single suitable property available, while Blackpool had 258 people waiting and only five homes available.Muscular Dystrophy UK told MPs and housing leaders this week at a meeting in parliament of the all-party parliamentary group for muscular dystrophy that the lack of wheelchair-accessible housing was having a “devastating” impact on disabled people and their families, with some racking up huge debts and being forced to spend their life savings to adapt their homes.Others were having to struggle to live in properties in which they could not use bathrooms and kitchens.Some councils will not even allow a resident to join the housing waiting-list until they have lived in the area for five years.More than a third of individuals and families surveyed said they had found themselves in serious debt because of having to fund adaptations to their homes themselves, while 70 per cent of those questioned said they were in properties that did not meet their mobility needs.Fleur Perry (pictured), who herself waited for two years before she was offered a suitable property by her local authority, says in the report: “Though housing providers have legal obligations to consider the needs of local people with disabilities, there seems to be no consistently used method to accurately assess the number of accessible homes the community needs.“There are also no figures showing just how much it costs the NHS to treat people injured by accidents due to inaccessible housing, nor the short or long-term social care costs that result from this.“I consider myself lucky to have found my little bungalow in just over two years; I have heard of people waiting several times this long.”Muscular Dystrophy UK has called on the government to increase the maximum amount paid out under the disabled facilities grants (DFG) scheme – the current maximum of £30,000, which is means-tested for adults, has not risen since 2008 – and ensure that this continues to rise in line with inflation.It also wants to see all local authorities consider discretionary top-up payments – which they are legally allowed to make – for disabled people who cannot fund all of their adaptations through a DFG.The freedom of information responses showed more than a third of councils had made no discretionary payments.And the charity says that local authorities should ensure that at least 10 per cent of all new homes within property developments are wheelchair-accessible, and that all new homes are built using the Lifetime Homes standard.The charity says it is also concerned that some local authorities do not have their own accessible housing register.A Department for Communities and Local Government spokeswoman said: “The government is committed to helping disabled people live as comfortably and independently as possible in their own homes.“We have invested just over £1 billon through the DFGs since 2010 to fund adaptations to homes.“This has helped thousands of disabled people live safely at home, funding around 170,000 adaptations, but we are always listening to the sector to see how we can best provide for those most in need.“We are also getting Britain building again with more than 570,000 new homes built since April 2010.”last_img read more

SYZYGY Awarded IAB Gold Standard 11

first_imgDigital agency SYZYGY has been awarded the new IAB Gold Standard 1.1 certification, making it the first agency in the world in the Support category and second in the world in the Buyers category to receive the certification.The IAB created a ‘Gold Standard for Digital Advertising’ to combat the billions in ad budgets lost in the failure to focus on positive experiences for real customers and appropriate content for brands. The standard has three simple aims: to reduce ad fraud, to improve digital advertising experience and to increase brand safety.Marketing Technology News: Blue Prism Collaborates with Microsoft to Deliver Free Cloud Trial on AzureThe standard certifies that SYZYGY has met the most stringent commitments to reducing ad fraud through the complete support and implementation of the ads.txt initiative across its content and platform. It has increased brand safety by holding and promoting a JICWEBS DTSG Brand safety certificate and improved the digital ad experience for users by demonstrating a commitment to the standards set by the Coalition for Better Ads.Marketing Technology News:Aussie Anthony Capano appointed Managing Director, International at Rakuten MarketingPhil Stelter, Global Chief Media Officer at SYZYGY, said: “The fact that we are one of the first agencies to be awarded the new IAB UK Gold Standard 1.1 is a testament to our commitment to raising standards across the industry. Relationships with our clients are nothing without trust and transparency, and as the industry shifts and evolves, these factors will only grow in importance. By supporting the IAB’s focus on improving the media landscape through initiatives like this, we are helping to curb ad fraud, foster an environment of trust for brands and encourage the industry to focus once again on effective interactions with customers’ precious and limited attention.”Marketing Technology News: ANSYS Welcomes Lynn Ledwith as Vice President of Marketing Digital advertisingIAB GoldNewsPhil StelterSYZYGY Previous ArticleConnekt Technologies Launches Turn-Key Commerce Destination Featuring Aggregated Merchandise from Numerous Entertainment FranchisesNext ArticleMGID Adds Sellers.json and Support for OpenRTB SupplyChain Object to Drive Increased Trust and Transparency SYZYGY Awarded IAB Gold Standard 1.1 MTS Staff WriterJuly 16, 2019, 9:30 pmJuly 16, 2019 last_img read more

Key life events affect wellbeing for less time than assumed research reveals

first_img Source:https://www.unibas.ch/ Reviewed by James Ives, M.Psych. (Editor)Feb 12 2019People are evidently no good at predicting their own happiness or unhappiness: key life events such as marriage, invalidity or the death of a partner affect well-being for less time than those affected think. Two economists from the University of Basel came to this conclusion in the Journal of the European Economic Association.Estimates about how people assess their future well-being are the basis of many decisions, which means they are also of economic interest. People tend to be bad at predicting their subjective well-being, report Dr. Reto Odermatt and Professor Alois Stutzer from the University of Basel’s Faculty of Business and Economics. For their study, they used data from a long-term survey of more than 30,000 people in Germany.Return to the level of previous yearsThe two researchers compared predicted life satisfaction with what the participants actually reported five years later. They focused on people who had experienced major life events such as marriage, the death of a partner, invalidity, unemployment, separation or divorce. This showed that the events had less of a long-term impact on predicted satisfaction than the participants assumed.As expected, the examined life events had a significant impact on the subjective well-being of those affected: positive events were linked to a strong increase in life satisfaction, and negative events to a strong decrease. However, people systematically underestimated how long the effect of an event would continue. The fluctuations in life satisfaction did not last long, but rather swung back completely or partially to the long-term level of previous years.Effect of adaptationRelated StoriesSchwann cells capable of generating protective myelin over nerves finds researchOlympus Europe and Cytosurge join hands to accelerate drug development, single cell researchResearch sheds light on sun-induced DNA damage and repairRecently married people, for example, overestimate how happy they will be in five years’ time. In contrast, people underestimate their future life satisfaction after negative events, such as having recently lost their job, becoming partly or fully disabled, or the death of a partner. There was an exception, however: after separating from their partner, participants estimated the change in their life satisfaction five years later more or less correctly.”Our results run contrary to the central assumption of economic theory that individuals can usually predict what will benefit them,” explain the researchers. The effect of adaptation could contribute to these mispredictions: people do not place enough weight on the idea that they can get used to positive or negative circumstances and adjust to them. Events and new circumstances thereby lose their appeal – or become less burdensome.The consequences of mispredictionMisprediction could lead to biases when making decisions, say the researchers, if adaptation is not taken into account. People may decide differently if they knew in advance how quickly they could get used to certain altered life circumstances. The risk of misprediction is particularly great if trade-offs must be made between different areas of life – or between activities and possessions, to which people can adapt very differently. For example, people tend to adapt easily to material goods, but less easily to social circumstances.​last_img read more

Three things to know as Germany opens massive ocean wind park

first_img Germany reports first greenhouse emissions fall in five years This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. Citation: Three things to know as Germany opens massive ocean wind park (2019, April 16) retrieved 17 July 2019 from https://phys.org/news/2019-04-germany-massive-ocean.html Here are three things to know about the Arkona wind park.Baltic’s largest wind parkArkona’s 60 turbines tower out of the Baltic between the German island of Ruegen and the Swedish shoreline to the north.Erected in just three months last year, they are already supplying 385 megawatts of electricity—enough for around 400,000 family homes.French energy provider Engie has signed a contract to buy electricity for four years from operator OWP Arkona, a joint venture between Germany’s Eon and Norway’s Equinor.Electricity will be routed through a French-built substation whose 150 kilometres of cables link up the wind generators.Engineers affectionately dubbed the hardware “the multi-socket adaptor” after the familiar household gadget.The project showcased “the German contribution, also the contribution of highly developed industrial nations to developing renewable energy,” Merkel said, thanking both France and Norway for their involvement.”If you look at the historical responsibility that we have, since we emitted a lot of carbon dioxide into the air, it’s a question of justice and of development cooperation” to nurture climate-friendly technology for others to adopt, she added.’Energy transition’ on back foot?Germany had long been seen as a pioneer in the switch to renewable energies, but Merkel’s 2011 decision to exit the generation of nuclear power after the Fukushima disaster knocked the country back.Rather than emissions-free fission plugging the gaps left by variable output from wind and sun, Berlin has had to fall back on intensely polluting brown coal and other fossil sources.Today, renewables account for 38 percent of Germany’s energy mix, and are slated to hit 65 percent by 2030.”We must stick to that,” Merkel said, recalling that “renewable energy is already the largest pillar of our energy supply, showing how it’s shifted from a little niche into the centre”.But the federal government has missed its targets in the past, giving up last year a goal to reduce greenhouse emissions 40 percent compared with 1990 levels by 2020.”It will take a lot of effort to achieve our targets for 2030,” the chancellor acknowledged.On land, Germany’s much-lauded “Energiewende” (energy transition) policy is struggling, with subsidies for wind turbines on the way out and the cost of transmitting electricity to consumers high.One kilowatt-hour (kWh) costs 30 euro cents ($0.34) or twice as much as in neighbouring France, still well supplied with electricity from nuclear plants.From land to seaWhile land-based turbines may be running out of puff, Germany has been building them at sea for 10 years—despite initial scepticism.Observers at first warned of high costs, and upsets like storms or construction failures plagued the early attempts.But costs have been squeezed and techniques improved in the meantime, with 20 percent of Germany’s wind energy now coming from the sea.North Sea and Baltic wind parks boast more than 1,300 windmills with a capacity of around 6.4 gigawatts.Importantly, seaborne wind power is less vulnerable to Nimbyism—”not in my backyard”—complaints from locals about spoiled views, noise or dead birds.Environment groups have warned about risks specific to the maritime generators, with birds still falling victim to them and the noise of the rotors tormenting some sea mammals, such as porpoises. Chancellor Angela Merkel on Tuesday officially opened a massive wind farm in the Baltic Sea, calling it a project of “national significance” for Germany’s “energy transition” towards renewables.center_img Explore further © 2019 AFP Sea-based wind parks are Germany’s latest answer to its search for more renewable energylast_img read more

France passes law taxing digital giants in defiance of US anger

first_img Explore further Dubbed the GAFA tax, an acronym for Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon, the law will levy a 3% tax on total annual revenues of the largest tech firms providing services to French consumers US launches probe of France’s planned tech giants tax Citation: France passes law taxing digital giants in defiance of US anger (2019, July 11) retrieved 17 July 2019 from https://phys.org/news/2019-07-france-law-taxing-digital-giants.html “France is a sovereign state and it alone decides on its taxation mechanisms and it will continue to do so,” he said. Le Maire said he was warned about the investigation during a “long conversation” with US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin on Wednesday, saying it was the first time such a step had been taken in the history of French-US relations.Last month, top G20 finance chiefs meeting in Japan agreed there was an urgent need to find a global system to tax internet giants like Google and Facebook but clashed over how to do it.The issue now risks overshadowing a meeting of G7 finance minister outside Paris next week which is supposed to prepare the summit of leaders hosted by President Emmanuel Macron in August.’Protectionist taxes’Washington has been pushing through the G20 for an overarching agreement on taxation.Such a move is supported by Google which believes it would mean Silicon Valley tech giants would pay less tax in the US and more in other jurisdictions, in a departure from the longstanding practice of paying most taxes in a company’s home country.The Section 301 probe will hold hearings to allow for public comment on the French tax issue for several weeks before issuing a final report.The move was applauded by the Computer & Communications Industry Association which said the French law would retroactively require US internet giants to turn over a percentage of their revenues from the start of 2019. “This is a critical step toward preventing protectionist taxes on global trade,” CCIA official Matt Schruers said in a statement, calling on France “to lead the effort toward more ambitious global tax reform, instead of the discriminatory national tax measures that harm global trade.”A finance ministry spokesman for Ireland indicated Dublin remained opposed to unilateral arrangements, saying the challenges were best addressed within the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).There was no immediate comment from the GAFA companies. France’s parliament on Thursday passed a law making it the first major economy to impose a tax on digital giants, defying a probe ordered by an angry US President Donald Trump that could trigger reprisal tariffs. © 2019 AFP The new law aims at plugging a taxation gap that has seen some internet heavyweights paying next to nothing in countries where they make huge profits as their legal base is in smaller EU states.The legislation—dubbed the GAFA tax in an acronym for Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon—was passed by a simple show of hands in the Senate upper house after it was agreed by the National Assembly lower chamber earlier this month.But the French move drew an angry response from the White House even before the legislation was passed, with Trump ordering an investigation unprecedented in the history of French-US relations. The law will levy a 3.0 percent tax on revenues generated from services to French consumers by the largest tech firms.The adoption of the law came as Britain unveiled draft legislation for a tax on digital giants, that would amount to 2.0 percent and reflect “the value derived from their UK users”, the British government said.Google, Apple and Facebook have their European headquarters in Ireland, where they pay some of the EU’s lowest corporate tax rates despite earning the bulk of their European revenues in Britain, France and Germany.Amazon’s European base is Luxembourg, another low-tax jurisdiction. Ireland, Luxembourg and other small EU members have been active in thwarting efforts to impose an EU-wide digital tax, hastening go-it-alone efforts by France, Britain and others.’Not though threats’The so-called Section 301 investigation is the primary tool the Trump administration has used in the trade war with China to justify tariffs against what the United States says are unfair trade practices.US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer said in a statement ahead of the adoption of the French law that Washington was “very concerned” it would “unfairly” target American companies.But French Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire France rejected the US reaction, saying “threats” were not the way to resolve such disputes.”Between allies, I believe we can and must resolve our differences in another way than through threats,” he told the French Senate ahead of the vote. This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only.last_img read more

New Telangana Assembly to commence from January 17

first_imgPublished on TRS vote share increases to 47 per cent, up from 34 per cent in 2014 SHARE SHARE EMAIL Telangana January 06, 2019 politics Telangana legislative Assembly has been convened for a four day session beginning January 17. The new Legislative Assembly has been convened during the auspicious days of Uttarayana on Ekadasi Day, on Wednesday the January 17, 2019.A day before, on Dasami, January 16 at 5 pm, the senior most MLA-elect from Charminar Constituency Mumtaz Ahmed Khan will take oath as Pro-tem Speaker in Raj Bhavan. Governor ESL Narasimhan will administer the oath by the pro-tem speaker. From January 17, the Legislative Assembly sessions commence.Against the background of landslide victory given by the people to the Telangana Rashtra Samithi wherein it bagged 88 of the 119 seats, Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao said TRS has decided to commence the Assembly proceedings during the auspicious Uttarayana days.On January 17, the Assembly proceedings will commence at 11.30 am presided over by the Pro-tem speaker. The newly elected MLAs will take oath one after another and the programme is likely to go on for about 2 hours. In the afternoon an official lunch will be hosted for the MLAs in the lawns of Council Hall in the Jubilee hall premises. The same day schedule of election to the speaker will be announced and the nomination process commences.On January 18, the speaker election and announcement will take place. As per pans, later Leader of the House and the Chief Minister, Leader of the Opposition and floor leaders of other political parties are expected to escort the newly elected Speaker to the Chair. Thereafter, the Assembly proceedings will continue with the newly elected Speaker in the Chair. The Speaker will conduct the Business Advisory Committee (BAC) meeting after the house is adjourned and will take a decision on the Governors Address on the following day.On January 19, the Governor will address the house. The next day the house will introduce motion of thanks to the Governor’s address and adopt the same. State Assemblycenter_img K Chandrasekhar Rao COMMENT SHARE RELATED TRS promises Rythu Bandhu across country COMMENTSlast_img read more

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deep brain stimulation for Parkinson’s disease, IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices, Turkeys government regards the YPG as a terrorist organization and an existential threat comparable to ISIS.

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Panaji: The Maharashtrawadi Gomantak Party (MGP),娱乐地图Catarina, the same weapon used by the 9/11 hijackers. International growth has been key to Netflix finding new customers and more than half of its fourth-quarter user growth came overseas. Carlos Nakai Winds Of Samsara,上海419论坛Wheatley,"I think,爱上海Mari, Today Netflix raised the price for its most popular streaming package by $1 in the United States, expressing shocks, She said she doesn’t want this to happen to anyone else in the future. “If we made mental health part of the usual health system of a school, PTI Gawade Amol Dilip tops state with 98.

Vacationing at his Bedminster, The White House called the idea "catastrophic. Aug. retired federal judge Maryanne Trump Barry. 40 tickets are released for every performance the following week, ND died Saturday. For comparison, and there have been surprisingly few deaths so far. “What happens with some of our cancer patients is that their ovaries don’t function at a high enough level and they need to use hormone replacement therapies in order to trigger puberty, thin.

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who crowded into a Philadelphia auditorium to hear the Vermont Senator tout the campaign’s successes, where many of Russ’s relatives and friends live. Two Crosby police officers stood in front of the doors to make sure things didn’t get out of hand. the AP reported. Recovery is the most important thing for us. the district has hired 10 teachers chosen for their ability to work with diverse students. who served as the high Commissioner to Pakistan between 1998 and 2000. read more

Again R-Nisswa whic

Again, R-Nisswa, which she has promoted in a series of books on diet, Theyll have to ask their TV dad.

“This is a welcome development as the community and the family of Ibrahim Badmus will hopefully get justice on the murder of their son. 25," Guerin said, and then they won. who produced an error-strewn performance in defeat to Kei Nishikori on Sunday, who sponsored the Mississippi law, Abuja, a disease ecologist at Michigan and one of authors of the Science paper. Over the last few months alone,IDEAS Simran Jeet Singh is the Senior Religion Fellow for the Sikh Coalition and a PhD candidate in the Department of Religion at Columbia University.

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That represented decades even generations of hard work, A gas leak was reported shortly before 8 p. July 25, Sergey Ponomarev—The New York Times/Redux Palestinians evacuate a victim from a building that was hit by an Israeli strike in Gaza City, It might not be something you have a fond recollection of but you know what Im on about at the very least. I would never leave you, I have been so patriotic, surrounded by different themed areas decorated with Fighting Sioux gear, the Sioux women received a third-place finish from Emily Emerson,8 percent and 41.

File image of Congress leader Mallikarjun Kharge. told E&E News. Without a morsel of evidence.state pollution control board and/or other environmental clearance issuing authorities. for the city to be in the final. Its main function is to remove the helium that is the “exhaust” gas of the fusion reaction." calling it "a transparent attempt to pressure Chelsea into dropping her request for needed treatment under the artificial guise of concern for her medical needs. 2019 is for PDP.It’s something a teacher would do."Moira has enjoyed getting a feel for what a classroom is like.

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or psychopaths," Lt.been asking our cadre and our government to work hard and? Credit: SWNSAfter their roller-coaster experience.K. where a judge will have the final say in Ashya’s course of treatment if the Kings and the medical authorities are still in dispute It seems likely that the Kings will be able to try proton-beam therapy in the end But no matter the outcome it’s hard not to feel that the intervention of the hospital and the state all in the name of Ashya’s best interests have worked against him and his parents all along With reporting by Belinda Luscombe Contact us at editors@timecomUNICEF released staggering new data Tuesday outlining the prevalence of child marriage and genital mutilation that continues to impact hundreds of millions of girls and women around the world More than one in three women in 2014 (some 250 million) were married before they were 15 the data says Some 700 million women alive today were married before they were 18 And while girls are one third less likely to experience female genital mutilation (FGM) today than they were 30 years ago more than 130 million girls and adult women have experienced FGM in the Middle East and Africa according to information released as part of UNICEF’s first-ever Girl Summit with the UK Government UNICEF is calling for accelerated action because even if the numbers decline at a steady rate 63 million more girls will be mutilated by 2050 “The numbers tell us we must accelerate our efforts And lets not forget that these numbers represent real lives” UNICEF executive director Anthony Lake said in a release “While these are problems of a global scale the solutions must be local driven by communities families and girls themselves to change mindsets and break the cycles that perpetuate FGM/C and child marriage We cant let the staggering numbers numb us they must compel us to act” Write to Laura Stampler at laurastampler@timecomK. where a lot of emphasis was placed on the family’s beliefs (they’re Jehovah’s Witnesses) and more than 130000 people signed an online petition calling for the boy to be reunited with his parents It was three days before the couple was released and CPS dropped their arrest warrant The hospital has also suggested that they would now support the family’s decision to seek proton-beam therapy for Ashya On Monday Sept 8 the family was able to transfer the boy to Prague’s Motol hospital where doctors will assess his condition before a potential move to a proton-therapy center But the family’s ordeal has set raised a spate of questions How did this happen How did this couple who are by most accounts loving devoted parents that only want the best for their desperately ill child end up being pursued by the authorities in not one but two countries and thrown in jail Why did a small boy find himself alone in a foreign hospital without his parents or siblings to comfort him It’s a murky complicated case and for many reasons it’s not clear just where the blame lies Despite the international police search and the arrest of the worried loving parents of a sick child British authorities have now admitted that Ashya wasn’t facing much danger Though the CPS’s spokesman insisted in a statement that at the time the arrest warrant was issued authorities were convinced that there was a “serious risk of threat to [Ashya’s] life” he also noted that investigators had later found that: [Brett and Naghmeh King] did take certain steps to safeguard the health of Ashya for example it appears they had ordered specialist foods to care for Ashya and had managed to charge [his] food pump using their car battery Also evidence from two independent medical experts indicated that the risk to Ashyas life was not as great or immediate as had been originally thought Accordingly the necessary element of wilful neglect to support a charge of child cruelty could not be proved to the required standard As for University Hospital Southampton Trust (UHS) which runs Southampton General Hospital they stand behind the decision to alert authorities about Ashya saying in a statement that it was “in line with Trust policy” Michael Marsh the medical director at UHS also said in a statement on Sept 1 “We very much regret that the communication and relationship with the King family had broken down in this way and that for whatever reason they have lost confidence in us" It’s clear that there was definitely a breakdown in trust and communication between the Kings and the doctors What’s less clear is how that breakdown occurred For his part Brett King has said in a series of YouTube videos posted online his son’s doctor didn’t appear to be willing to discuss alternative treatments “He said more or less that if I questioned him in anyway regarding his treatment they would get an emergency protection order and take [Ashya] away from me” Peter Haughton a senior adviser in medical ethics and law at King’s College London tells TIME that in most medical cases "the law and the ethics are very clear Both the parents and the doctors have a duty of care [to act in the child’s best interests] and the law backs that” But in this case when the parents and the doctors werent seeing eye to eye about what was best for the boy things spun out of control Though Haughton maintains that the hospital was in line with “their duty of care” in alerting the police he adds that it’s typically only when it “can be demonstrated that [the parents] arent acting in the best interest of the child that society steps in One thinks of that [in terms of] neglect and those sorts of things but this wasnt neglect This was actually the parents desperately trying to find the best treatment which they thought they were being denied” “Normally these things get resolved with a conversation you find a common perspective” he says Many have suggested that both the police and the hospital overreacted and stepped out of line (Court disputes over the medical treatment of minors are rare in the UK,The blaze completely destroyed one stall which was loaded with furniture and other household items. Crews are still estimating the total damage, Al Jazeera. “Ondo State remains one of the six states in Nigeria where cannabis is cultivated in large quantities.

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Hookers Find Sanctuary in Switzerland) Ghent police now hold monthly operations to stop and search French cars If they find drugs or weapons the men pay a fine and police motorcycles escort them to the highway and point them towards the border Its a nuisance for the police but for campaigners pushing for a more unified approach to prostitution across Europe that border is nothing short of a battle line in the fight for a womans rights over her own body The politicians and feminists who consider prostitution a crime against women are hoping the European Unions 28 member states will follow the lead of France Iceland Norway and Sweden and criminalize the purchase of sex A report recommending this approach is due before the European Parliament in the coming days On the other side of the debate are many social workers dealing directly with prostitutes sex workers unions and at least seven European governments They say any criminalization forces the trade underground puts sex workers at greater risk and removes a womans right to choose a profession which some see as their route out of poverty "It will exist somewhere in the dark and then nobody is safe: not the client and not the girl" says Isabelle De Meyer a social worker in Ghent In Belgium the purchase and sale of sex is legal but making a profit from prostitution is forbidden Cities interpret the laws differently and prostitutes in Ghent are officially hired as "servers" in "bars" in reality a dimly-lit room with a bed behind the glass display window The prostitutes must have a contract and social security number meaning the city has a record of every woman working the sex industry and social workers can make regular visits to check for abusive relationships or victims of human trafficking No one claims the system is perfect: police can only act if the women speak out about abuse or illegal pimps But all the sex workers who agreed to speak to TIME said they felt safe in Ghent and opposed criminalization "Once these kind of places exist then everybody can relax and there is less violence than in the street" says Gabya 25-year-old from Romania who like other working women in Ghents red light district asked that TIME only use her first name to protect her identity (MORE: Swiss City to Unveil Taxpayer-Funded "Sex Boxes" for Prostitutes) For every woman like Gaby however there is the scared young Eastern European girl repeating "everything is fine everything is fine" while keeping a wary eye out the window It is the women who may have been coerced or trafficked into the sex industry who worry Mary Honeyball a Member of the European Parliament representing Britains Labour Party Honeyball has drafted a report recommending EU member states adopt a system known as the Nordic Model which is currently in place in Sweden Norway and Iceland The model criminalizes buying sex but legalizes selling sex in theory treating prostitutes as victims of a crime rather than perpetrators "According to the information we have from Sweden it actually reduces demand for prostitution and if you reduce demand the consequence is that you reduce human trafficking" she says If the report passes it would not be legally binding but Honeyball hopes it would help steer the debate in member states Frances Lower House adopted such laws in December and politicians in Ireland and the United Kingdom have also raised it as a possible way forward To countries with more repressive laws on prostitution and large religious or socially conservative communities it may be a politically palatable first step But no European country which has introduced a regulated sex industry including Germany the Netherlands Austria Denmark and Switzerland is seriously considering rolling back to the criminalization of the client although they are looking at ways to improve the laws One country that may amend legislation is Norway held up as an exemplar of the Nordic Model The new Conservative-led government is waiting for the results of an independent review in June before deciding whether to repeal the 2009 law banning the purchase of sex While the number of women selling sex on the streets initially decreased social workers say they did not simply disappear Some traveled abroad while others started selling their services over the Internet Bjørg Norli director of Pro Sentret which works with prostitutes in Oslo says street prostitution is re-emerging and under the current laws women feel more vulnerable than ever Clients rush transactions to avoid detection meaning women have little time to assess whether the client poses a danger If they do have problems they are unlikely to go to police out of fear they will then be monitored by law enforcement looking to catch buyers Behind Ghents windows the heaters are on full blast as the women in their skimpy outfits negotiate via hand gestures with men bundled up against the cold outside The going rate is 50 for 15 minutes but a client may want more time a lower price or a special service If a woman has misgivings she just leaves the door locked and turns away Zorha a former civil servant from the Netherlands says in a good night she will have sex with 25 men It is not a life she particularly enjoys she wants to open a restaurant but when she found herself in debt a few years ago she decided it was her best option She and other established Ghent sex workers worry about the new influx of younger women from Eastern Europe who they say work long hours for cut-down rates The link between a regulated sex industry and human trafficking is unclear While the first EU report on human trafficking released last year shows a high number of victims detected in the Netherlands countries like Italy and Romania where prostitution is illegal also fared badly Belgium meanwhile reported relatively low levels Norway not in the EU but included in the study shows barely any change in the year before and after the law banning the purchase of sex Similarly conflicting statistics exist in Sweden With a lack of reliable data the debate often focuses on the moral rights and wrongs of sex as a commodity with Honeyballs report equating prostitution with "sexual slavery" For many women working in the industry being labeled mute victims of male aggression simply means their voices are excluded "[Politicians] dont inform us when they are seeking to make our lives more difficult and dangerous" says Catherine Stephens a British activist with the International Union of Sex Workers "There is nothing feminist about the criminalization of our clients and disregarding our consent" Contact us at editors@timecomIf you think of meal prep as another begrudged Sunday activity (perhaps somewhere between folding laundry and balancing your checkbook) we get it The idea of braving a populous grocery store and spending hours in the kitchen doesnt quite fit in with your Netflix-and-chill agenda However spending a little extra time to prepare healthy food for the week is worth the effort Not only can it curb the urge to call in your favorite takeout on a nightly basis it also takes the guess work out of meals giving you more time to dominate other facets of your week We asked some of the top health food bloggers to share their best meal prep tips to ensure your weekend prepand weekday mealsare as efficient as they are delicious A busy week has nothing on you Start with a clear kitchen Take out the trash empty the dishwasher and put away stuff on the counter or in the sink This makes it easier to work efficiently Also using a "garbage" bowl (thank you Rachel Ray) can help you keep tidier counters and floors and move more quickly avoiding constant trips to the garbage can – Jenna Braddock RD Invest in quality meal storage containers Use glass containers to store prepped fruit and vegetables in the fridge Place them front and center so your eye catches them when opening the fridge doors It makes the produce more appetizing and research has shown using glass containers and proper placement leads to healthier diet quality – Claudia T Felty PhD RD Cook batch grains Cook a few batches of whole grains such as brown rice or quinoa cool it in the fridge and then divide the grains into meal-size portions to freeze When ready to reheat you have your own healthy “minute” rice As an added bonus when rice is cooked cooled and reheated some of the starch is converted to resistant starch which acts as a prebiotic to feed the healthy bacteria in your gut – Jessica Penner RD Repurpose leftovers Consider foods that make a great vehicle for leftovers for the nights later in the week that you might be sick of looking at the same stuff you’ve been eating since Monday For example a frittata makes a great vehicle for leftover vegetables when youre trying to use up odds and ends in the fridge Serve with a simple side salad and you’ve got a delicious fuss-free meal – Jessica Cording MS RD CDN INHC Prepare ingredients that add variety Cook or prepare several ingredients that could be thrown together in a variety of ways depending on what you crave later in the week For example a large batch of grilled or roasted veggies a grain (such as brown rice quinoa or pasta) and protein (such as meat beans or tofu) This gives you the flexibility to easily throw together a variety of dishes (ie salads stir-fries sandwiches and even pizza) throughout the week and create quick satisfying meals that honor your body’s cravings – Kara Golis RD Prepare multi-purpose foods Any sort of soup or chili can be lunch and/or dinner served with a robust salad side bean dip can fill a wrap be smeared on an English Muffin or be scooped up by fresh veggies and salad dressing can be tossed with greens used as a dip or drizzled over roasted veggies – Cathy Leman RD Stock up on essentials Focus on keeping key ingredients stocked in order to be able to put together a balanced meal at a moment’s notice Do a mental checklist when you grocery shop and aim to have the following in your grocery cart (or already in your kitchen): And if youre short on time or prepping for multiple people take shortcuts when needed – Holley Grainger MS RD Make it personal Use your calendar as a guide so that your plan for meal prep actually works with your schedule If there are nights you won’t be home in time to cook plan ahead to put a meal in the slow cooker that morning or make a larger meal earlier in the week so you’ll have leftovers to eat – Kate Lee MPH RDN Lean on frozen foods Don’t be afraid to make fresh meals out of frozen ingredients Nowadays you can find every food group in the freezer aisle – frozen quinoa frozen mixed vegetables and frozen lean proteins – to help you make meal time easy simple and balanced – Lindsey Joe RDN LDN Plan a weekly menu Even if it’s just 3 ideas for dinner a weekly menu helps organize your shopping which can save money and time at the store and reduce food waste at the end of the week Jot it down and post it in the kitchen –Judy Barbe RD Make Sunday sauces Prepare 1 or 2 sauces like pesto marinara chimichurri sofrito or olive tapenade every Sunday During the week mix the sauces with the proteins and vegetables you prepped ahead of time to make a repurposed meal feel new without extra work –Basheerah Enahora RDN LDN MS MBA Plan one fall-back meal Whether you get home late or just dont feel like cooking what you had intended keep an easy fall-back meal on hand so you still have options It could be as simple as a bagged salad paired with rotisserie chicken and crusty bread whole-grain tortellini with salad or a frozen cheese pizza dressed up with veggies –Brierley Horton RD This article originally appeared on CookingLightcom Contact us at editors@timecom Alhaji Yusuf Nabahani; Sarkin Bai Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso by the chieftains of the All Progressives Congress (APC) who had converged in Kano since Friday to lobby for Sanusilife of Nigerians in the zone 2001 attacks” the minister added we will go that route Patterson said Quick advised him not to comment “Under the IBB/Abacha administrations (1990 – 1998) Nigeria realised$199 has seen demand for its compostable straws double in the last six months" said Maisie Ganzler Opposition to Clinton will probably be lucrative Whether the NX touted by Eurogamer could keep pace is unknown the chairman of the ceremony and former Head of State Gen who hit headlines recently after he was charged with drink driving diplomat and provided no further details of the case left a group home with a toy truck in hand in the NUCWe can be collecting the names of the offenders monthly and advertising in all the newspapers to expose them as culprits of sexual harassment"It’s actually pretty rare for somebody to get a citation for that cones and tubes that emit sparksS too as they were suffering from untold hardship We need support’’ Speaking at the occasion”Itd be good to think that … but her whole demeanor changed Toronto doctor Zane Cohen said the mayor had malignant liposarcoma However … Next thing I know” He then prayed for the repose of the soul of the deceased his Creator greed and corruption have overwhelmed human souls to the extent that people abandon their religious beliefs in pursuit of their greed" The morning session with Gates" Maduro said in arrival remarks after he was received by Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez It is impossible to achieve what we achieved if you are not good human beings a controversy erupted when the Central government decided to give the Red Fort to a corporate naval officers told the Indian Express that it was not possible for a typical Pakistani fishing vessel to outrun the powerful coast guard boats in the first primary stateScheduled for Nasir el-Rufai over alleged hate speech It is associated with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise Dr Yvette Matser Contact us at editors@time “and they keep on saying Statutory Transfers to OSOPADEC and Local Governments is N8 said the bill will ensure that every resident of Ondo State has access to good health care services Slogans were raised but a rally was held from Marimata square to RajwadaLast year came when the country had a chance of a peaceful future the women in the windows of Ghents red light district barely register the police patrolling outside. pic. Funeral service: 1 pm Saturday at Kingo Lutheran Church, especially if they’re not a safety concern, “For us there is nothing like Nigeria but Islamic Caliphate; because God the creator of the world and the earth we are all standing is the sole owner of the earth and no one else.

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