Strict supervision from the real democratic life

The afternoon of June 18th, vice secretary of municipal Party committee, municipal Party committee, deputy head of the leading group of educational practice in the city’s Su Rong supervision work to promote the meeting stressed that the steering group should tighten the screws and tighten the spring, dare to sing bad cop, "when Bao, strictly from the real grasp the topic of democratic life of the supervision work. Municipal Committee, organization department minister Bi Xiaoning chaired the meeting. read more

The province’s urban and rural residents insured reached 2 million 190 thousand

In the concept of "adhere to the small finances do big people", our province constantly improve the basic old-age insurance system for rural residents has achieved full coverage of the old-age insurance system for urban and rural residents. At the end of June, the province’s urban and rural residents insured population reached 2 million 190 thousand and 100, the participation rate reached 92%, 413 thousand and 300 elderly residents receive a pension.

Xining resolutely rectification is the wind Su Ji mediocre, lazy, scattered, luxury

remediation Yung lazy, scattered, luxury, repaying membership cards, clean up and standardize the exhibition Festival forum, standard compression three funds, strengthen the supervision of public opinion, promote Xining city and take measures to promote the positive wind Su Ji activities.

Xining City promptly opened hotlines, establish a reporting network, through the special inspection, focus checks, thorough investigation and other methods, focus on examination of austerity, official reception, bus management etc.; successively to the municipal departments and county departments and units, service window, township grassroots and other 195 departments and units of work discipline, service attitude efficiency, public funds, work discipline, work efficiency, etc. the style of official vehicles carried out several investigations; the discipline inspection and supervision organs at all levels in the city to carry out a thorough investigation activities 213 times, set in the check 131 times, filing 5, check junction 5, 145 people were accountable, 12 people given party discipline, bulletin criticism of 93 people, 20 people, admonishing conversation warning interviewed 20 people. Through the implementation of a series of initiatives, the city’s cadres ideology, work attitude, discipline awareness has undergone significant changes, style building achieved significant results. read more

The virtues of youth are all over Xining

Xining city with the virtues of youth star selection activities carried out in depth, the virtues of youth has become the hot words of the districts and schools, both the city schools, or rural schools, each campus competitions out of their top ten counties named the virtues of youth, the virtues of youth is more like the stars in the sky, lit up the beauty of the night sky in Xining.

City District 80 virtues out of youth, West District, the top ten virtues out of the teenager, the East District of the top ten virtues of youth is about to occupy the Xining evening news significant layout…… The virtues of youth selection activities of the primary and secondary schools is just unfolding, May 30th, tiger Taiwan primary school ten virtues of youth, a virtuous among students, striving to be the first virtue youth craze; June 3rd, Victory Road Primary School "side model, by virtue of youth moral lecture wonderful start, teachers and students to speak good side by virtue of collective story. The chorus of" citizens’ moral song ", all the teachers and students read the" disciple gauge – passion more than the "moral" mechanics, knowledge "lecture prelude, the touching story of ten virtues of youth into moral stories on film hall, infection, touched every student…… Right now, the virtues of youth candidates to be established, and will soon meet with the general public, the power of example is infinite, the tide of Xining city every corner of the country, the virtues of youth contest, making moral energy become our daily life the most beautiful scenery, the city will promote the development of the ideological and moral construction of minors has more fruitful results. (author: Dezhou)
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Xining to the Gan River ndustrial Park bus line opened today

today, urban and rural areas of Xining city bus lines will open a new starting point, Xining City train station, end point for the city of Xining (National) Gan River Industrial Park Economic and Technological Development zone. The opening of the new bus line length of 35 km, located along a total of 26 waiting sites, the fare for adults pay 4 yuan per person, credit card 3.2 yuan per person, the old card, student card, credit card according to a reduction of four times.

(National) Gan Xining City Economic and Technological Development Zone Industrial Park is located in Huangzhong County, Xining City, to promote the construction and development of the eastern city of Xining city group, accelerating the pace of "public transport integration", the masses along the Gan River Industrial Park and convenient staff travel, Xining city traffic Bureau and the Xining City Public Transport Co. Ltd. after several field investigation, to determine the direction to the bus lines in Xining Gan River Industrial Park, and is equipped with a 25 bus line, the line today officially launched operation. read more

Xining Municipal Bureau of statistics held a summary meeting of industrial production index trial

in accordance with the arrangements of the Provincial Bureau of statistics, the Xining Municipal Bureau of statistics in May from the beginning of the industrial production index. The index of industrial production is a new method to calculate the growth rate of industrial production, namely the use of representative products yield value or by price index deflation after the calculation of the individual index, then calculate the total weighted index is used to reflect the volume of the whole industrial production changes. At present, most of the developed countries in the world are preparing monthly industrial production index. The pilot, scientific and feasibility testing index of industrial production plan; on the other hand, compare the index of industrial production results and current price deflation approach speed of industrial development, in-depth analysis and evaluation of the results of the two methods and its influence factors, to provide decision-making basis for the reform of industrial development speed calculation method. Due to the large amount of trial work, high demand, the investigation of many enterprises, so, after four months of trial and error,   September 10th City Bureau of statistics held a summary of the trial meeting of the industrial production index. Chen Wei, deputy director of the Provincial Bureau of statistics bureau Party Secretary Shen Hongliang attended the meeting, the Provincial Bureau of statistics office and the Municipal Bureau of Statistics Office of all cadres attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Wang Zhigong, deputy director of the Municipal Bureau of statistics.

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Provide real help for entrepreneurs

August 6th, deputy secretary of the provincial Party committee, party secretary Wang Jianjun, accompanied by the city leaders Zhang Yonghai, accompanied by research on the construction of small and medium enterprises entrepreneurial base in Datong County. Wang Jianjun stressed that employment is the people’s livelihood, entrepreneurship is the employment, entrepreneurship is not only to the county, but also to enrich the people, create more jobs, is an important measure of Fumin county. Government departments should increase the classification guidance, nurturing entrepreneurship, grasping the backbone of enterprises, small and medium enterprises, outstanding young entrepreneurs, to help entrepreneurs solve the real difficulties and problems.

in Qinghai lucky rabbit breeding base, Wang Jianjun and entrepreneurial leader Su Zhentao cordial conversation, asked in detail about the size of the base status, market prospects and difficulties, high expectations of the masses of students carrying the dream forward, cherish the great responsibility, not only to look up at the starry sky, more down-to-earth, confident, optimistic and enthusiastic that struggle the most beautiful youth, only struggle aspirations, is for the sun and the moon and. Wang Jianjun requirements of various departments at all levels to support young entrepreneurs, encourage youth entrepreneurship and help young entrepreneurs, aiming at the difficulties and problems existing in the college students’ entrepreneurship, conscientiously study and gradually resolved, and the use of business advantages, promote and develop the surrounding masses to get rich together.   read more

Xining City Federation of trade unions to help rescue system to help the city’s poor workers

Xining City Federation of trade unions in the three county four District Federation of trade unions are based on the center of helping poor workers, and actively take effective measures to promote the city’s Bureau, Union Street, park, town, community and enterprise union station and helping poor workers helping liaison team construction, and achieved remarkable results.

it is reported that as of the end of October, the city’s 22 Street offices, all 49 towns and 135 communities established helping poor workers Station and helping the contact team, account for 100% of the number of construction, at the same time, there are 341 enterprises and institutions have also established the union station and helping poor workers helping liaison team, for the city’s difficulties the workers to carry out a wide range of life, health care, student aid and legal aid services, employment, to build a municipal assistance center as the backbone, county (District) assistance center, streets, communities, towns and helping enterprises station (point) based on the three-dimensional network of trade union work of helping. read more

Xining mobile face the problem bright attitude

Face the problem, clear bright attitude, in November 6th, the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision Bureau, municipal government jiufengban co sponsored the 2015 report to the people please review the people "large TV activities of Qinghai mobile Xining branch opened a special public exams curtain.

field of information technology investment in Colleges and universities, Xining in this regard what is the plan?" Flow rate is not very transparent, the staff is also very vague introduction, I would like to ask what is the flow of tariff items?" Daily life will receive spam messages, harassing phone calls, I would like to ask what kind of measures to protect the user’s privacy?" The event, representatives of the general public, NPC deputies and CPPCC members, representatives of the media and public opinion, ask questions to ask, ask, ask for the style of the effectiveness of existing in the work of Xining mobile to ask questions one by one, 6 Xining mobile public exams patiently answered and explained the person in charge of a sincere apology for respectively. Outstanding work, and make rectification commitment, the site representative of the enthusiastic applause response. read more

Xining innovation poverty alleviation and development mechanism implementation program introduced in

In December 24th, the reporter learned from the Xining municipal government, "Xining innovation mechanism for poverty alleviation and development plan", before the introduction, Xining city will be innovative poverty reduction for the poor masses burden.

in addition, will also expand social participation, establish a "warm" fund. Research and put forward the line of poverty alleviation and rural subsistence line two line approach to the implementation of the gradual loss of working capacity of poor people into the subsistence allowances system.   read more

Xining police cracked a large theft arrested 4 suspects

Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau Gan River Industrial Park Branch weave dense weave Park strict prevention and control of network security patrols, park to crack down on various illegal and criminal activities, February 22nd, cracked a large theft, arrested 4 suspects, uncovered 8 cases of theft.

October 12, 2010 2 in the morning, Gan River Industrial Park Park Bureau received a Qinghai International Chemical Co. Ltd. alarm, the company’s plant exposed imported materials piled storage field is stolen, worth 52 million yuan. Branch immediately organized police rushed to the scene to carry out the work. After 4 months of work, at the beginning of February this year, Ding Mou police identified 4 major crime suspects. February 22nd to 23, in the grasp of a large number of criminal suspects in criminal evidence and activities of the law, the Xining region has arrested the 4 suspects in the past. After the trial, 4 suspects confessed premeditated, from September to October last year began to repeatedly sneaked into the Gan River Industrial Park Qinghai International Fertilizer Co. plant, the implementation of 8 cases of crime of theft crimes. Currently, the 4 suspects have been under criminal detention according to law. read more

Xining spring like the four corners of the world

Spring Festival is the most widely distributed in China, the most populous nation, the most abundant traditional festivals, in people’s life system, emotional experience, the construction of the spirit of the world plays an important role. With the advancement of modernization and urbanization, the Spring Festival, as a symbol of Chinese culture, is changing in the form, content and function of the festival. Xining is the cultural center of the province. Nearly half of the province’s residents celebrate the Spring Festival in Xining. Xining City, the Spring Festival cultural activities arranged early, rich in content, highlights, a cultural feast will be presented together with the spring to the people of the province – read more

Xining City Public Security Bureau forest around the three grasping, boost chuangxianzhengyou

Forest public security bureau Party branch according to the recent chuangxianzhengyou activities focus on "learning and grasping grasping business, help to catch", rich activity carrier, strengthen measures to implement, promote chuangxianzhengyou activity to the deep development

city forest public security bureau Party branch according to the recent chuangxianzhengyou activities focus on "learning and grasping grasping business, help to catch", rich activity carrier, strengthen measures to implement, promote chuangxianzhengyou activity to the deep development. read more

Start the North District of Xining City, 10 minutes before the construction of sports fitness circle

Start the North District of Xining city

10 minutes fitness circle construction before the people of the area per capita fitness area will reach 1.1 square meters.

10 minutes fitness circle refers to a straight line distance from 1000 to 1500 meters, walking for 10 minutes to reach a fitness venue. This year, the north of the city of Xining combined with the area of population distribution, site conditions, the park plaza, street green space, Rural Community Plaza and residential areas into the fitness area construction. The construction includes the construction of basketball courts, table tennis courts, outdoor fitness path installation, marking and other construction. 10 minutes of fitness circle is expected to be completed in November this year, after the completion of the obvious signs, there are more than 10 types of fitness equipment, rural community basketball court and for walking and cycling trails. (author: Jianping Hua Wen students building)
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open the examination in 2016, director of civil registration work smoothly over the following posi

4 month 13 days, reporters from the Qinghai provincial human resources and social security department was informed that the director of the 2016 civil service examination open clerks following positions in Qinghai province for round end to 12 days on April 1st. The examination plan position 1191, the qualification examination, to form competitive position after the swap, the abolition of 46 posts, the actual examination of 1145 jobs. By the provincial recruiting units, municipalities and state departments of civil service online trial, in line with the qualifications of candidates admitted a total of 50084 people, a record number of applicants. read more

Blue city cup CCTV sunshine baby model contest debut in Qinghai

6 26, "sky city" cup CCTV sunshine baby children’s model contest held in Qinghai division preliminaries. Sponsored by the blue sky city youth career experience center, Qinghai Ming Heng culture media Co., Ltd., gold microphone art training school contractors, nearly a hundred players participating.

It is reported that

, the contestants were divided into infant group (4-5 years), children group (6-7 years), children group (8-11 years old) and young group (12 years old) four groups, small players will experience division auditions, semi-finals, finals and finals, national finals the selection of the outstanding players will participate in the sunshine baby Chinese children’s Modeling Contest in August, the world’s top stage and the opportunity to go to the United States IPTD model and actor performing the contest. read more

Create a beautiful blueprint for health in Qinghai province’s health and health conference has arous

accelerate the healthy Qinghai construction, improve people’s health, and strive to create a new situation in our province health and health of the province’s health and health conference just ended painted a beautiful blueprint for the construction of Qinghai health. Even Japan, from the countryside to the pastoral areas, from the enterprise to the community, comprehensively promote the healthy construction of Qinghai across the province "has become the hot topic, both adhere to the prevention, or in-depth implementation of health poverty alleviation project; whether to continue to adhere to both traditional Chinese medicine and Western Medicine guidelines, or grasp the health and health infrastructure, has aroused strong repercussions at the grassroots level. read more

2016 Tibetan carpet exhibition ended successfully

  June 6th, 2016 China (Qinghai) Tibetan carpets international exhibition successfully completed the curtain. The theme of this exhibition is prominent, distinctive features, bright spots, fruitful. Through a period of 5 days of exchange and trade show, the exhibition contract orders and intention to sign the amount of $190 million 500 thousand, an increase of 27% over the previous year, spot trading $83 million, an increase of 5.06% over the previous. Overall growth of 19.4% over the previous. read more

nfant sheep milk powder ten brands list

because the nutrients contained in goats’milk more than milk, but also in the market is more rare, so, with the advantages of goats’ milk became popular, and with the further increase in domestic consumption, many mothers in the choice of milk for the baby, sheep milk has become their first choice, easy to absorb goats’milk not joke. Easy to get angry allergy characteristics but also mothers choose one of the important reasons of sheep milk. Following along with the small series to see the ten major brands of infant sheep milk. read more