t turns out that consumers are too fat to buy online KEA announced in China to do electricity supp

days ago, IKEA (IKEA) China District Public Relations Manager Xu Lide said in an interview, IKEA (Chinese) will be launched in the first half this year in online shopping service. In addition, part of the three or four cities will be launched in the delivery order center (Pick-up and order point) new store shape. But did not disclose the relevant distribution and self raised charges.

Xu Lide said that users will be able to directly in IKEA China’s "delivery order center" in the use or purchase of IKEA products, both to provide door-to-door, but also from the. read more

Ali really made a wine festival, said Zhang Yong is not selling wine culture

[TechWeb] August 30th news reports, after the double 11 Festival, special purchases for the Spring Festival Alibaba, built a wine festival. Today’s first 9.9 Tmall global wine festival was officially launched, starting in September 1st, Tmall and Tmall international, consumers will be able to enjoy over 100 thousand drinks from over 50 countries.

in fact, as early as April of this year, the chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba Ma attended the Italy Verona wine show when he said, "to start from Italy, France, the future, the day of September 9th will be the global wine festival." At that time, Ma’s remarks have sparked heated debate, and now Ali really made a wine festival. read more

B2C e-commerce platform do not do a good job of service and user experience

online bookstore, the two platforms we most often go to is Dangdang and excellence. Dangdang is the world’s largest Chinese online bookstore and shopping center, and Amazon because there is a global platform for the Amazon to do the club, through the acquisition of Jinshan excellence of the Chinese Amazon. Both are reputation, the competition between the two prices also gave us a lot of benefits. But the actual purchase experience in the end what is good or bad only used to know. Adsense nets admin5.com satisfied generally there are few books online habits, basic is the bookstore, buy a few of the learning books occasionally in Taobao. Have not experienced in the book Dangdang and Amazon. Yesterday because of a friend to buy the book is the reason to experience the service and the user experience of Amazon, from some small details to comment on Amazon. read more

Donghua Beijing SYPC BeiCang Liu Qiangdong logistics layout prototype

in Beijing south of the outer ring of six Jingdong in North China Warehousing Center, every day a lot of traffic coming, whistling sound constantly. Usually, the 3C of the daily volume is 60 thousand, the book warehouse is more than 20 thousand. And such as 618 big holiday promotion, 3C sub warehouse orders will reach about 200 thousand, the book warehouse is the more than 60 thousand.

day before the launch of Jingdong speed up service, the warehouse will undertake the responsibility to Beijing delivery. As long as the user set up the speed of service, the day will be delivered within 3 hours. If not sent, then do not charge courier." May 14th, Jingdong COO Shen Haoyu in an interview with reporters, said that this service is currently only in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Chengdu, Shenyang, the six cities opened, the future will be extended to other cities. read more

Venture capital touted Taobao big sellers claiming not bad money does not need VC

In addition to

e-commerce enterprises own brand has attracted a pull and pull the outside investment, Taobao online sellers are favored capital.

Jinsha River venture partner Zhu Xiaohu said, many other e-commerce project investment is almost the same, if we still have some money in hand, also want to cast the electronic commerce, will turn their attention to the Taobao merchant body.

Not more than

, a team member of small shops, but took the e-commerce mode, can be favored capital, attract capital concern is the business model or the company read more

NetEase koala sea purchase in May to develop the United States over the past two years electricity s

monthly new category of dozens of the world’s top brands, two times a month to promote the whole network lowest monthly sales volume doubled, impressive record, established only 5 months of NetEase koala sea purchase run fast in the field of cross-border electricity supplier as a teenager, hitherto unknown development speed and even catch up with rivals jumei.com 2 years of accumulation.

at the NetEase CEO Ding Lei with the end of the koala sea purchase high-rise was invited to Korea after the trip, the NetEase is koala sea purchase inside a clear goal, in the short term to achieve fast beyond the competitors, to rewrite the traditional pattern of business. read more

Ali listed after the first double Eleven globalization and wireless


technology news October 13th morning news, Alibaba in Hangzhou today announced the listing the first Tmall double 11 shopping Carnival strategy. This year’s double 11 will be around Ali electricity supplier ecosystem, force globalization, wireless and platform in three directions.

five years, the dual has gradually changed from the electricity supplier marketing day shopping carnival, and this year’s promotional range will also be extended from the domestic to the world. The double 11 shopping Carnival will be the largest number of years to participate in the number of years of business, only Tmall has a number of businesses involved in it. read more

Micro-blog marketing will provide new impetus for the development of e-commerce

e-commerce and micro-blog should be said that the Internet is now hot. Speaking of micro-blog, is now known wurenbuxiao. Electronic commerce is a nationwide rapid development, and gradually into the field of Internet users, is a way of trading network essential enterprise, also be many Internet people a very promising industry.

micro-blog is defined as the micro blog, is a narrow version of the blog, which is characterized by simple and convenient, anytime, anywhere, you can achieve a real-time communication network communication. The micro-blog people can not only need a long and minute statement, but as long as there is some in two words or three; mobile phone terminal equipment can share their feelings and whenever and wherever possible the story with you, released the latest information at the first time. And its communication function is also huge, once users are concerned, it will spread throughout the internet. All in all, micro-blog has the advantage of low cost, rapid spread, strong interaction, and micro-blog’s professional classification, only interested in a business or a domain user will to pay attention to the related bloggers. Therefore, the spread of micro-blog era will be more precise and pure. read more

ZYM Taobao customer experience sharing

In 2009 December,

made a single page to promote Taobao off products, two months into 48 single, though not much, still a small achievement, following the experience to write out a little experience and share personal.

I do "mainly anti acne products, key words choose" Douyin products "" Douyin products recommended "Douyin products list" these three words to do. This page is hanging in one of my station, just try. After hanging up the page, do two links. The second day, Google included, and ranked in the first page, so add a few links. About two weeks later, the main keywords to the top three positions, searches for the words are not large, daily flow of thirty or forty IP, but the conversion rate is also good, ranking up, every day can be a single conversion rate of about 3%. I choose the product commission ranging from 10 yuan –30 yuan, in addition, some businesses will adjust the commission rate according to the sales situation, so often to look at, adjust the page content, focus on the promotion of the good reputation of High Commission products. The ranking steadily maintained for nearly two months, because of the limited number of page optimization keywords after all, so I decided to use Google Adwords to do the long tail keywords ranking. In fact, the Commission said here about the relatively low product is not suitable for Google for a single, average earn 15 yuan, nearly 30 IP into a single, and one click cost Google dwords in more than 1 yuan. read more

CO 12 steps to success

We often ignore the importance of mentoring in our careers. However, as the chief information officer of a company, it should also have the responsibility to bring their own experience and lessons learned in life, so that future decision-makers to share. As chief information officer, you should also leave yourself as the future leader of the successful experience of technology executives and designers. The following is the successful experience of Steve Williams, the chief information officer and senior vice president of a large retail business. At the age of 37, he became the youngest director of information technology in the $6 billion. Perhaps through his successful experience, you can make a good CIO. read more

From BMW luxury to buy a huge profit in the domestic LV gold bullion

group purchase is still the cake! Even now blossom everywhere situation, the profit space is still great. Of course, if you want to win the first prize must have a gimmick, and group purchase website in the originator is a gimmick lashou, from luxury to send to BMW, bustling awfully. While the network people unwilling to open channels, group purchase has been big, from the LV packet to Fengxiang 10g thousands of gold; a lot of people on the Internet burn perhaps only a vague concept, but to see these money promotions, I believe we have to move hundreds of millions of Internet investment is no longer surprised. read more

Vintage the electricity supplier every day is a winter hold means everything

CEO (aged Eslite ifeng.com technology plan)

for VANCL aged CEO, "this is the eventful winter".

5% layoffs storm just after the end of November, former vice president Eric Wu turnover. Another wave of dirt and pointing at the customer, an anonymous netizen in the blog called "where customers can very long" series of Posts "(customer) has been estimated to hold a crisis, domestic trouble and foreign invasion." At every guest post burn day to make ends meet.

where the customer from the beginning of its birth, he was coerced capital run quickly, is considered to be the China B2C symbol. Round of funding to follow up, from October 2007 to date, venture ferocious, a total of six rounds of financing, about $420 million. Investors include IDG, LIAN, Lei ceyuan, Qiming, Saif partners, tiger capital and Temasek etc.. read more

Agents in China have killed countless deals

            once in 3 years ago, bought a domain name www.6633.net was bought at the time of the 500. Buy from a webmaster, the money has been paid. I asked them to transfer it to my agent account, but it was too late. Later asked agent. He said that no one had to turn around. My heart is ideal: I am ready to expand the site, I have an agent, why do I have to act under someone else’s agent. Repeated requests, he asked me to renew for 10 years to release.I am looking for business

when the site is bigger, also don’t know if he will be ready to turn away. Business China to these weihuzuochang spam agent, collusion. Under the control of domain renewal meager small profit.

            and later purchased the domain name, also encountered such a situation. Garbage agents are occupy the domain name, do not give them. So far, there are a few small domain name can not turn their agents.

            recently, he met the heinous thing. Have a friend, a higher ranking search sites, others fancy, ready to trade, to transfer to enom. Friends are doing this every day. First class is 7 days, the transfer is not successful. Asked the business, said the agency does not have permission. Another 7 days passed, or did not transfer success, the agent finally gave the transfer password. Wait 7 days, has not been successful, a question, only to know that business is automatically locked to the domain name every day, must be solved every day, in order to transfer. Ft!

      waited day after day, and so on the Yellow transaction, and so white hair, and so on, and so on the site.

was unsuccessful. One of the reasons: the agent said that the transfer can, to renew a year, in order to transfer, such as renewals, and told that it must be 60 days after the renewals. Can transfer. This is the rule.  

        sell station crazy. To buy the station. This is true, ah, after the death of commercial agents do not register domain name!! read more

Double eleven electricity supplier showdown, pat micro shop this time how to play

DoNews October 24th news (reporter Zhou Qinyan) new pat Network since the official on-line operation, has been moving frequently. Catch up in front of the double 11, pat on the line of a mobile terminal electricity supplier products pat micro shop, and said it would put the pat micro shop as a pat on the main position in the double 11.

pat micro shop is the first Tencent supplier’s WeChat built tools, electric Tencent thoroughly incorporated Jingdong, "pat micro shop" has become the Jingdong mall platform merchants built wireless tools. read more

Taobao shop system Amoy Amoy outside the first appearance of the network will be

December 18th ~20, the third session of the Alibaba network cargo Fair opened in Chengdu. At the meeting, China civilink released a grand designed for 2 million taobao.com sellers tailored Taobao store system in Amoy Amoy outside".

Amoy outside the appearance of the network will be

, according to the relevant person in charge of Taobao, Amoy Amoy outside is based on the development of Taobao shop outside the system, is one of the important part of the big Taobao strategy. The use of Amoy Amoy outside the store system Taobao sellers in the development of Taobao store sales at the same time, you can operate their own independent Taobao mall site. Currently, there are already more than 2000 sellers ordered Amoy Amoy outside Taobao store system. Amoy shop manager immediately attracted a large number of entry, Amoy shop manager as love website. read more

Domain deletion list October 18, 2007


proxy domain name registration renewal of 60 years /, 150m million net 620 special offer 120 space agency.
  CN domain name 1 yuan registration, the opportunity not to be missed, more content: http://s.idc.admin5.com

ggto.cn   />zzto.cn
a11y.com / > delete CN domestic domain list more today…… Delete more international domain names today…… read more

Tmall businesses can report advertising comments but can not delete the score

October 9th news, Tmall and Taobao launched a new cooperation in the evaluation and reporting platform for businesses, since then, businesses have the right to report comments in advertising, pornographic information and political sensitive information, etc..

it is understood that, if you want to use this feature, the seller can enter the evaluation management – from the buyer’s evaluation, find the corresponding comments, click the button to report.

report, Tmall will review the second treatment in 2 working days, and feedback the results, businesses can be initiated report entrance position to see the results. read more

Shenzhen cross-border electricity supplier eBay shop training commencement!

HI you! Before the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio on the eve of the opening, small side also give you a piece of good news is very important! Mierkat cross-border cross-border business training courses, launched after the Amazon based practical classes, Amazon precision marketing senior operation class, Wish based practical classes, the highly anticipated "eBay based on practical class" will commence on August 30th


whether you are traditional enterprises or entrepreneurs, if you are seeking new markets, are choosing cross-border electronic business platform, want to make more money more open shop on the same platform, then the eBay platform is a good choice! It covers more than and 200 countries and regions, the United States, Britain, Australia and Germany as the main in mature markets, the rise of Spain, France, Italy, is the Mexico national minority languages market. According to 2015 eBay Top 1000 sellers of data show that 30% of China, ranking first. At the same time, eBay has 380 million buyers, over 165 million active buyers… Well, it sounds like… Like Amazon, is the international status the obvious advantages of the platform. In fact, there are many Chinese early big sellers are starting from eBay, the eBay platform pays more attention to the mass products and multi store operation, suitable for the trade of the seller, and unique the auctions, the seller’s love is read more

Wang Fangfang analysis of the future development trend of medical network marketing

over the past year, medical network marketing is constantly growing, the medical institutions of fierce competition, gradually improve the search engine bidding mode change and costs, forcing the medical industry have opened up the new world, all kinds of marketing strategy to test the water and increase the team construction and investment, trying to find a new marketing mode for medical industry in the past the medical marketing team, and gradually improve, achievements have been made in the implementation of marketing. Policy short board makes many medical investors have to increase investment in the Internet market. Summing up the past, how should we face the brutal competition in new markets, how to look at the future prospects of the medical industry in the network environment. read more

Where the culture of heterogeneous wind up the militarization of the management of distribution

wind as general manager Li Hongyi

where the most impressive is the service, this service is one of the benchmark characteristics is wind up delivery. The independent business, has become one of the most potential core assets, customer, and military management methods, let the wind up all guest and the formation of the culture of the different style. Many commercial enterprises have also come to wind up to help them do the distribution, as the wind will not be fully independent development even listed? This is a topic with imagination. read more